Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's Gonna be a Shiner!

I'm so proud of my boy. Tonight a ball was hit through the air into the field right to him. He squared up under it and we thought he might catch it, but he misjudged it by just a little and it hit him in the cheek. His coach was on the field as quick as a shot even though the ball was still in play. He came out crying but saying he was alright. We iced it and he got right back in the game. He had to bat second in the next inning, and just walked out there and swung for all his might. Everyone was surprised he came back in so quickly and kept telling him how tough he was.

At the beginning of the season I'm convinced he would not have wanted to go back out on that field. It would have made him scared of the ball for a while too. But there has definately been a transition in him in just these few short months and it's been amazing to see the confidence he's beginning to show and the ability to realize that wounds hurt for a few moments, but that he really can get up and keep going. Yes, I'm very proud of my boy!

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Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Owhee! Poor guy. What a trooper! I hope Josiah will be just as tough when he does soccer. Right now he's a little wimpy, so I'm hoping this will help toughen him up a little.