Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Kids Amaze Me Sometimes

Okay, so yesterday I gave Bethany $1.00 as a reward for doing so well at her game (I know, I know sounds like bribery but it's a long story). Anyway, she carried around her $1 for a little while in her pocket. Later on she saw, Ms. Brenda, her kindergarten teacher, at the church campus (there was a women's conference going on) and she asked her if she could bless her. Bethany then gave her teacher her dollar and told her to go buy a water at the bookstore. Later on she asked me if I had heard that she got to bless Ms. Brenda. I said yes I did hear and I then asked her what gave her the idea. She said, "Mommy, Jesus said Ms. Brenda was thirsty and needed a drink. He said give her your $1 and tell her to be blessed and to go get water." Can you believe that? Wait till you hear this, Ms. Brenda told me she was just thinking before she came across Bethany that, "Man I'm thirsty, I wish I had $1 so I could go buy a water bottle from the bookstore."

My kids do amaze me some days!

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Rebecca Feldermann said...

Wow, that is really amazing. Kids are the greatest at listening in their hearts, aren't they? :)