Saturday, May 30, 2009

Another Update

Well Bethany's team was officially eliminated on Thursday night. They came out keeping the game close in the first three innings, but in the last three they started to struggle and the other team pulled away. Still they had fun. I think the coaches were sadder than the girls that the season was over. You can truly tell they loved each and every one of them.

Elisha's team is still going strong, winning their first two playoff games. They play again Monday night, so we'll see what happens from there. He's become a much more confident player, even in these last few weeks. Last night I watched him field a ball and was amazed at how quickly he adjusted. The second baseman missed a grounder and Elisha stepped up to stop it. At the last second the ball popped up and he adjusted, caught it, and threw the ball to the first baseman barely missing the out. Wow! It was exciting to see.

Sorry, I didn't get any good pictures to share this time.

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