Sunday, March 21, 2010

Project 365 (#7 - #13)

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7/365 ~ Sunday

My family often naps on Sunday afternoons (mostly because we still make the kids) and so since I had a killer headache I got my blanket and pillow and entertained my mind while waiting for the Excedrin to kick in.

8/365 ~ Monday

A sunset at the ball field. We'll be seeing a lot of these this time of year.

9/365 ~ Tuesday

No practices, no games, just a night at home! We played Mad Libs off of the back of a Wendy's bag the kids had saved during dinner time. My favorite line, "Every morning when he wakes up he rubs his dirt on me to wake me up." We were laughing so hard at this one.

10/365 ~ Wednesday

Always a comedian!

11/365 ~ Thursday

Harmony had a practice game so we dropped by for a bit. She's learning how to play catcher and not doing too bad for never really playing the position before in her life.

12/365 ~ Friday

Yes! 20 is the best score you can get and I did it! Of course, I choose which tests he used to measure my brain age instead of him giving them to me randomly. Nevermind that I picked the ones I was especially good at!

13/365 ~ Saturday

Entertaining themselves on Opening Day while waiting for the other one to get their pictures taken.

That's it for this week! Care to join in? You can start at anytime and it really is a lot of fun. This little bit of fun is courtesy of Sara!


Michelle said...

What a great week! Bethany is such a character! I think I have that same glove as Harmony! The sunset is beautiful!

I'll get mine up soon... and when I say soon, hopefully it will be before the end of the day!

Kim said...

Lots of great photos from your week! I'm guessing your daughter was looking at a bug on the ground at the ball field? Such intense concentration :-)

He & Me + 3 said...

Wow your pictures turned out great. I love the baseball ones. Excellent! I wish my brain age and real age were 20. LOL

The Bug said...

I sure spent a lot of time on a baseball sideline when I was a kid. My brother played & Mom & I would hang out there. I remember asking for suicides at the concession stand (a squirt of each soft drink in the fountain)...

McCrakensx4 said...

What a great week! Ours was full of baseball as well! We love mad libs here too! Have a good one!

Unknown said...

I struggle with headaches also, it is so not a fun thing.

Sweet children in their uniforms.

Have a wonderful week.

Blessing and happy 365.

Elizabeth (Lizzie) said...

Great pictures... I especially love the last one... Happy Spring!

CM said...

What fun story in pictures! Oh ball season, how fun!

Tori said...

Home Improvement....great fun!
I love the glasses disguise picture and who doesn't love Mad Libs? I think rubbing your dirt on someone would be a great wake up technique!
Have a super week!

The Davidson Den said...

Funny glasses. Ha!! The look on her face helps, too. ;)

The baseball shots at the end are especially poignant, I think.

Amanda said...

Awesome post!! Love everything... especially that I know one someone super smart! ;)


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Awesome pictures! Looks like you're having a busy week. I'm sure enjoying my break. Getting lots done.

Have a good one!