Sunday, March 14, 2010

Project 365

Okay so I have been following this project on Mimi's blog for a while and I always think I should try that too. Then Michelle and I got to talking (okay, leaving blog messages and e-mails) and we both decided we'd try it out. So this is week one of the Project 365, we started on Monday.

The goal is to take one picture a day for an entire year.

365/1 ~ Monday

We went to annual church conferences and didn't get home until nearly 10 o'clock. Both of the kids went straight to bed (in their clothes too!) and were asleep within minutes.

365/2 ~ Tuesday

Getting a healthy dinner cooked is a trick during baseball and softball season, so during this time of year I take advantage of the crockpot for meals I need prepared almost as soon as we get home. Dinner tonight? Teriyaki tri tip, green beans and parmesean butter noodles. Quick and into the bellies within 20 minutes of arriving home from practice :)

365/3 ~ Wednesday

Yohn is doing what he does best as manager of The Source (and no, he wasn't just playing on the internet, that's my job).

365/4 ~ Thursday

Thursday nights we try to always make family nights and with Elisha not going to practice due to a sore neck (he's doing better by the way) we had extra time. It was Elisha's turn to pick, which almost always means we play a video game together. Yes, we still have our N64 hooked up, it's right next to our PS2. While we don't play it as often, some games I just can't give up.

365/5 ~ Friday

Friday brought lots of rain, and rain bring beautiful flowers! I know this is probably just a weed, but it's pretty just the same.

6/365 ~ Saturday

Friday's rain saturated the ball fields and the kids' games were cancelled. However, Saturday was a beautiful day and we spent some of it outdoors at a local park (not a playground type of park, but the kind where you just walk around and look). The ladybugs were everywhere!

Okay so I gotta admit, I almost forgot a couple of times, but by the end of the week I was anticipating and plotting what to take a picture of. I think this is gonna be fun. Can't promise I'll last the whole year, but since Michelle is starting at the same time, and I'm kinda competitive, I'll probably stick with it.

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Lisa said...

Welcome! Nice to "meet" you. GREAT first week! That bug pic is amazing.

sara said...

So glad to have you doing P365!!! I think as you get into it, you will love it. What got me hooked was realizing how many things I would have completely forgotten about had I not had a picture.

We were a baseball/softball family too...I miss those days!!

that ladybug picture is so cool!!

great week!

christy rose said...

You did great!! Love all of your pictures! The one of the ladybug is an awesome shot!

CM said...

How fun! Love the ladybug pic, the lighting is great!

Tori said...

So glad you are giving Project 365 a try!
I love the ladybug picture and even if that flower is a weed, it is pretty.
Have a super week!

He & Me + 3 said...

Great job! I am so glad you joined in. It is challenging, but a good challenge. I am always trying to see things from a different perspective. Love Love the lady bug shot. Nice pics!

Elizabeth (Lizzie) said...

what an awesome picture of the ladybug!

and that healthy meal you made in the crockpot looks delicious!

thanks for joining and I look forward to getting to know you better as the weeks go by...

McCrakensx4 said...

Welcome welcome! It is a lot of fun!! I have learned to look at things a whole different way now that I am doing this! Love the ladybug shot...ladybugs are my favorite!

Michelle said...

Look at you keeping me in line! Your bug pic was great and the flower pic is amazing! I bet you had to get right up on that thing to get it just right!

I'm glad Elisha is starting to feel better. Hopefully next game he'll be all better and be able to play.

Kim said...

Welcome to the Project!
Great photos from your week.
Love the ladybug photo.
Keep up the good work!

MollyinMinn said...

Your photos were great, especially the bug! Great job!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Good for you for serving well balanced meals during baseball season. Keep up the good work!

Kaleena said...

Glad that you decided to join the 365. Your first week was great. Awesome shots....LOVE the ladybug one! The meal picture looked yummy and made my mouth water. Of course, I have been living on soup for the lasr few weeks:)

The Davidson Den said...

So glad you could join us!!

I love the fact that the whole family plays video games together. I have to confess I'm not as "game" (excuse the pun) as some others around here when it comes to that sort of thing.

Love the ladybug pic. And I think that weed is quite nice, too. ;)