Saturday, May 1, 2010

Project 365 (#49 - #55)

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Sunday ~ #49/365

A sunny Sunday afternoon and a tire swing powered by your Daddy - these are the things that memories are made of.
Monday ~ #50/365

We do a lot of Brain Quest questions at dinner time when we can all sit down and eat as a family. The kids like it so much they remind me when I forget. We are nearly done with our second time through this set, so I think it might be time to find a new one.

Tuesday ~ #51/365

Bethany's team actually got to play their regularly scheduled game even though it rained on and off all day long. She played decently well, though she did try to dispute one umpire's call. Okay she really didn't dispute it, but since her coach from last year happened to be the Base Umpire and she hit a ball directly down the first base line giving the first baseman (first basegirl?) an easy out against her, she was none too happy when he called her out. She cocked her head to the side and then turned on her heal and stomped in a feigned huff (with a smile on her face) to her dug out. After the inning I asked the coach if she had given him an "evil eye" and he said boy did she and scolded him too saying, "Coach Brandon!" before she stomped away!

Wednesday ~ #52/365

Somebody finally decided his hair was getting too long and hot for the warmer weather and wanted his favorite haircut back. I did not realize how much hair this boy really had and told him I will never mohawk it again when his hair is that long, because it was way harder to do than ever before. (Ya know, cuz' I'm not really a barber, even though I can pretend to be :)
His game also got rained out again :(

Thursday ~ #53/365

Sunshine all day long meant Elisha's team played their make-up game from last weeks rain out. No one could remember who the scorekeeper was supposed to be so I went ahead and did it and boy was I glad I did. I didn't dress warm enough and the wind was a blowin', so I huddled in the corner of the scorekeeper box to get out of the wind. Then about ten minutes into the game a passing rain cloud decided it would dump on us sending all the teams into the dug out for about 20 minutes before starting up again. I would have been one soaked Mama had I not been in there (because not only does the scorekeeper box have the best view, it also has a roof)!

Friday ~ #54/365

Another game for Bethany, this one was a re-scheduled game from a rain-out last week. Look at all those pink helmets and bats!

Saturday ~ #55/365

Elisha hit a ball into center field getting a single and an RBI (see the ball flying high in the left corner of the picture?).

Well that's it for my week how about yours? This fun little glimpse of my life and others is a project started by Sara. You can check out other 365 projects or start your own just by visiting her blog.


Skoots1moM said...

you brought back so many memories for me...we played travel softball for years and now our daughter is on her way to more games.
loved your pictures
I miss keeping score, too...I printed out blank forms every week and used to keep running stats...I really miss that :)
thx 4 sharing!

McCrakensx4 said...

Love all the baseball pics! And yay for that great hit!! And those pink helmets are the best...having 2 boys we don't have much pink around here! And love his hair! I don't like to scorekeep cuz then I can't socialize, but I guess it was a good thing you did that night! Hoping no more rain outs!

sara said...

I love your pictures each week....I feel like i am reliving my kids youth!! so fun!

my kids loved brain quest too!! At dinner, I had a basket where I had questions I had printed off the internet. we would pass the basket and everyone take a question. they loved it!!

great week!

He & Me + 3 said...

I love the picture of the pink helmets. The ones that are painted are pretty cool. I never liked keeping score...It takes too much concentration. LOL Atleast you stayed dry:)
I like his new do.
Too funny about scolding the coach. LOL

Tori said...

Love the face while being pushed on the tire swing!! Priceless!!
Glad you got a perk for keeping score!
Our season opened yesterday so all of your ball pictures is what our life will look like now!

riTa Koch said...

Loved your last photo--my grandson Elijah is also # 9!

I enjoyed using different levels of Brain Quest with my ESL students--great way to work on a variety of specific academic vocab gaps.

The Davidson Den said...

Love all the baseball fun! I used to keep score for my brothers' games. Suited my analytical personality so well. :)

Oh, and that is ONE. COOL. Hairdo! I wish my son would go for something like that. Very cute!

Elizabeth (Lizzie) said...

What a great idea to do Brain Quest questions at dinner time ... I will have to keep that in mind!

Michelle said...

Wow! Looks like a busy week of softball! But sure looks like a fun week. I love it when Bethany wears dresses. She is so cute! Love her little fit for the coach too. What a little stinker.

Great job getting that shot of Elisha hitting the ball! You could use a DSLR camera cause you're a natural!!

I know, I really need to get on the ball with my 365 project. I think I'm going to flake out this week too. :( But I have lots of pictures from this weekend to post! :)

As for the ads on my blog, it shouldn't happen too often. I've one other person comment on the ad, but it hasn't happened to her again. If it happens more often, let me know and I'll talk to BlogHer.

He & Me + 3 said...

I voted for you too. Congrats.

The Bug said...

The tire swing pictures are great!

That was funny about Bethany giving her old coach the evil eye - she's got spunk!

Together We Save said...

Wonderful pictures!! Love the pink helmets.

The Chapman Family said...

When the Mohawk gets too long, you have to use "Got 2b Glued" gel. Check out James' school picture in my blog archive, he had 6 inch spikes!

sanjeet said...

I love your pictures
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