Saturday, May 29, 2010

Project 365 (#77 - #83)

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Sunday ~ #77/365

We went crawdad fishing again on Sunday afternoon, but had no luck. I'm sure there's a trick to this but we haven't mastered it yet. Still the kids just have fun playing by the creek and chasing the ducks around :)

Monday ~ #78/365

Elisha got burned by bumping into the coffee dispenser in The Source and this is how it looked on Monday evening. UPDATE on the burn: The redness is mostly gone and it appears to be healing nicely.

Tuesday ~ #79/365

Elisha helps me with dinner by peeling the potatoes while watching the Lakers/Suns game on the internet. Needless to say we are very sad at the outcome of this series.

Wednesday ~ #80/365

Tonight was the final season game for both of my kids' teams. At the end of the regular season the league gives out pins and a big Thank You for playing. Here's Bethany receiving her pin from her coach.

Thursday ~ #81/365

Off to Legends to use the kids' Hero of the Game awards they earned this season.

Friday ~ #82/365

Our LIFE group (small church group) had a BBQ at the park on Friday night. The weather was much warmer than expected so it was a great night for a BBQ.

Saturday ~ #83/365

Susan's birthday is tomorrow and we headed over to have cake and ice cream tonight to celebrate. This is Gene leading the "choir" in the Happy Birthday song.

Weeks come and weeks go and this one went by quick! Head on over to Sara's blog to see how fast everyone else's week went!


He & Me + 3 said...

You had a busy week. Tball is over already? We still have weeks left. Ugh.
I am ready for it to be over. LOL
So glad his burn is healing. Poor guy.
That BBQ looked so good. YUM. I love food off the grill.
Hope Susan has a wonderful birthday:)

Dena said...

Ouch, that burn looks painful! Glad to hear it's healing quickly.

I miss the days my kids played t-ball and little league. So fun.

Kim said...

Great job on photo-documenting your week! It was a busy one :-) Enjoyed seeing your week in review!

Michelle said...

Great job kiddo's earning Hero of the game! I hope you enjoyed your prizes!!

I've been crawdad fishing a couple of times and what's worked the best for us is fish. If you run to the store and buy a little bit of fish and attach it to a fish hook, they'll go for it every time! :) I hope you catch some soon. They are yummy! :)

McCrakensx4 said...

Baseball is finally over huh...*sigh* cool that they get a pin; we get torphies and they take up space :P running out of space! And glad that his burn is healing; it looked so painful. And the Chix looked yummy! There were lots of sad people here too regarding the outcome of the bb series (me I am not a NBA fan, so no big deal!) since we live in AZ! Have a nice holiday.

Tori said...

As soon as I saw crawdad fishing the song, "You get a line and I'll get a pole" started going through my head!
Ouchy glad he's healing.
Too funny that the bithday song was directed....Love it!
Can't believe ball is over for you. We still have most of June left.
Have a super week!!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

So glad Elisha's arm is healing nicely! Great pics. Looks like you've all been very busy ;)

Happy Memorial Day!

drawingcloser said...

babe! I have to say that the chicken picture is great and it was even greater eating it LOL!

The Davidson Den said...

OUCH!!!!!!! That's one bad burn!! Good grief!

So nice to have a potato-peelin' helper. Even though the entertainment ended with disappointment.

Ballgames and birthdays! Sounds like a fun week!!