Saturday, May 22, 2010

Project 365 (#70 - #76)

Sunday ~ #70/365

We had a Kids camp meeting after church today. Only two more months to go so the planning MUST begin now! (That's not my handwriting in case anyone wanted to know :)

Monday ~ #71/365

Bethany reads her homework to Daddy.

Tuesday ~ #72/365

Another sunset at the ball fields. We left really late because I had snack shack duty for Bethany's team. The kids had to wait in the cold and play with their friends while we finished up. You know they hated every minute of it too (in case you didn't realize it that was sarcasm :)
Wednesday ~ #73/365

Kids and animals are two of the hardest subjects to take pictures of. Add them together and this is the kind of pictures you get. Nuff' said.

Thursday ~ #74/365

I was playing with the settings on my camera and this is the kind of shot I got. Now you know why I photograph everything in automatic!

Friday ~ #75/365

Admittedly I did not take this shot on Friday, although I meant to. Both Bethany and I have our nails done in orange for the Orioles and if you look close you can see that our fingers spell out Orioles. I'm actually surprised Bethany's nails lasted through the night as she is anything but careful when she has wet nail polish on. I had to re-do a few of her letters a couple of times.

Saturday ~ #76/365

I took this shot at a distance on purpose because I liked the way the clouds looked around the ball fields. Elisha is in the distance at short stop.

So there it is, my week in a nutshell. What have you been up to this week? Visit Sara's blog to see what everyone else has been doing.
PS. I thought I had blogger figured out, but tonight I am having problems getting the font size I want when I want it, so please excuse the small font under some of the pictures.


sara said...

blogger often drives me crazy..not allowing me to do things I should be able to do!!!

love the sunset at the ball park and the clouds in the last picture....beautiful!!!

He & Me + 3 said...

You had a great week this week. I love the nails...super cute and that last picture with the clouds is amazing. Great job.
I hear you on putting pets and kids together. LOL

Dena said...

The picture of your daughter reading to daddy is so sweet. I miss having that time with my children.

Love the sunset! Gorgeous!

I shoot everything in automatic too. LOL

Ladynred said...

Love the dog with your daughter and the sunset.

McCrakensx4 said...

Love your cute! And fun...our church always does an amazing one! But it's at night! And i like the cat pic...different and creative! I have been trying different settings on my camera too!

Amanda said...

I wanna be your neighbor. You are SO fun!! And our kids would have a blast together!


Michelle said...

What do you mean you have issues photographing kids and animals? That picture is adorible! Love the expression on Bethany's face. The matching nails are awesome! *sigh* yet another reason why I want a little girl. Oh wait, I don't have finger nails. Never mind...

The clouds are gorgeous and so is the sunset! You really should use your camera in manuel mode more often. You might be surprised with the pictures you can take. YOU CAN DO IT!

Tori said...

Animals and kids...great subjects, not too cooperative! LOVE your nails. That is fashionable team spirit. The cloud picture at the ballpark is great!
Have a super week!!

The Davidson Den said...

I agree about the kids and animals thing. It's why I have such trouble getting ONE decent shot of all four of my kids together. Very frustrating indeed. Someone's always out of focus or grimacing or crying or moving OUT of the shot. Impossible!!

Just keep playing with the settings (when it doesn't matter). That's what I'm doing.

Blogger can be so crazy annoying. I have the same trouble!!