Sunday, June 27, 2010

Project 365 (#105 - #111)

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Sunday ~ #105/365

Happy Father's Day to a Special Dad!
Monday ~ #106/365

Elisha will not part with his favorite pair of shoes. See how far gone the tread is? And I know you can't really tell in the picture but the toes have also pulled apart. But he loves them so very much.
Tuesday ~ #107/365

I bought this book for the kids for a few $$ at Sam's Club on Saturday and they love it!
Wednesday ~ #108/365

I was bored of the same old, same old pictures I seem to be taking and tried something new. I layed on the ground and had the kids hover over me. I love this picture, spaghetti face, messed up hair and all!

Thursday ~ #109/365

Who knew that in order to get Bethany willing to attempt to learn to catch the softball all I had to do was buy her a pink softee?

Friday ~ #110/365

Signs we're getting ready to be gone on vacation - clean clothes ready to be packed all over the couch.

Saturday ~ #111/365

Rental car picked up and we'll be ready to leave tomorrow afternoon (right after I get this posted :0)
We won't be here next week, so I hope ya'll be okay with a double 365 post when I return!


sara said...

have a fantastic time on vacation!!!

Michelle said...

What is it about kids and their shoes? I think Gary is going to grow right out of his shoes and still be wearing them with his toes sticking out on one end!

Have a fantastic time and I can't wait to see pictures!

McCrakensx4 said...

Oh hope you hav a fantastic time on vaca! We leave Tuesday night for 2 weeks! Love all of the different perspectives in your 365 this week...I did one of where I was laying on the ground too! Love the white clouds above them!

Elizabeth (Lizzie) said...

Have a fabulous vaca!

Look forward to seeing all the awesome pictures when you return!

He & Me + 3 said...

Have a great time on vacation. I am fine with a double 365 post.
I love the messy face messy hair shot...very creative angle.
The father's day picture is great too.
Pink Softballs are awesome...BTW

Tori said...

Love Elisha's faux hawk in the Father's Day shot! That pic of them over you is fantastic!! You didn't know that pink makes the world a better place? At least it does for Ella at my house!
Have a fabulous vacation!!

The Davidson Den said...

Hooray for vacay!!!

Oh! And I think you had a great idea with the lying down shot! It really turned out nice. Highlights the kids' faces so well. :)