Saturday, July 10, 2010

Project 365 (#112 - #125)

I'm baaaaccckkk! Did ya miss me? How fitting is it that my first post back from vacation is a Project 365 so you can get a glimpse of my entire vacation day by day :)

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Sunday ~ #112/365

And we're off to Oregon! After about two hours of our first six hour leg of the trip, Bethany took a nap. Thank goodness too, because if one of them is napping it means she and Elisha are not fighting, teasing, poking, pinching, yelling, or scratching each other. Ya know, in other words they truly act like brother and sister :)

Monday ~ #113/365

After the initial hugs and kisses for the grandparents and the "my look how much you've grown!" the kids headed right for the Mule. I don't know what their infatuation is with this thing, but every year it becomes their playground for the days we spend at my mom and dad's house.

Tuesday ~ #114/365

Riding in the mule down the road to get my Mom and Dad's mail. In addition to climbing all over it the kids love riding on it.

Wednesday ~ #115/365

It's crazy the positions children find comfortable, isn't it?

Thursday ~ #116/365

The bigger the splash, the bigger the mischievious laugh you'll hear from Bethany.

Friday ~ #117/365

We went to see Yohn's brother Ray. Ray has autism and is legally blind and lives in an assisted living home about an hour from where my parents live. We make it a priority to see him every year and the kids like playing at his house. Too bad it rained this year!

Saturday ~ #118/365

We visited Yohn's family. This is a picture of our kids and his cousin's children. See how Haidee is looking at Elisha? That's just before she attacked him! We were all cracking up! Oh yeah, and don't miss Bethany's wonderful cooperative expression on the left.

Sunday ~ #119/125

Happy Fourth of July and Happy Birthday to me! This is me and the kids waiting for the fireworks to start and trying our best to stay warm.

Monday ~ #120/365

Today we road the old train on the Sumpter Valley Railroad. The train we rode on was buit in the 1860's and is the only remaining wood burning train of its age still in operating order in the United States.

Tuesday ~ #121/365

We visited some friends from our old church for dinner and then we went to their son's soccer game. That's him, the smiling red head in the middle of the photo.

Wednesday ~ #122/365

Only one more day left before we headed for home. I was taking pictures of the things I thought the kids would like to remember. This was the first time we actually saw the new baby calf at my parent's house nurse and the kids were captivated by it.

Thursday ~ #123/365

Bethany wanted to take pictures of Grandma's flowers before we left. We were walking around taking turns with the camera. I took this shot of the bee by accident.

Friday ~ #124/365

Welcome back to California!

Saturday ~ #125/365

When we returned home we found our Suburban covered in pollen from our tree. This is what it looked like today after we had driven it around. I think it needs a bath, what do you think?

That's our vacation in a nutshell! Thanks for letting me post two weeks at one time. Hope you'll check back later to see more of our fun. To see more great Project 365 photos or to join in on the adventure check out Sara's blog.


MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Vacation time together is such fun! Especially when you can visit family that you don't get to see very often.

You're right about the napping. There is something nice about the peace and quiet and lack of fighting. My boys always fight when they get bored.

Glad you made it back home safe and sound!

sara said...

great vacation pictures!

so funny to see you in coats trying to stay warm in July!!!

So many things I could say about that mama cows udders!! ha! that baby practically had to get down on it's knees to get any milk! :)

our cars looked like that back in the spring..ugh!!!

Tori said...

Looks like you had a great vacation! I think that mule looks like a great thing to play/ride on!
Blankets and coats on the 4th of July?! That is funny!!
Happy Belated Birthday!!
Have a super week!

He & Me + 3 said...

How cool that you nutshelled the vacation on your 365 post. Got you all caught up too.
Looks like a great time hanging with family. my kids would love to ride in a vehicle to get the mail. Fun
Happy Late Birthday to you.
Hope it was a good one.
Welcome back.

Unknown said...

Aren't vacations just the best? It looks like all had a wonderful time!

Blessings and happy 365ing


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! I missed your posts and your comments. Looks like your vacation was fun!
Those mules are fun. The parents of the twins that I babysat for had one. The twins loved to ride.
I can't believe you were trying to keep warm on July 4th...Happy birthday, by the way! July 4th is synonomous with "heat wave" in the south.
Those cows sure are skinny. Do all cows look like that in your area? All I've ever seen are southern cows--and they tend to be fat...maybe it's the southern diet. LOL
Anyway, welcome back to blogland!

Debra Kaye said...

Those were some great pictures. I liked the one of the children sitting on the sofa best. I think it's one of the neatest things to look back on.

Blessings to you!

Sherry @ Lamp Unto My Feet said...

YOu got some great shots! Love the cow and flower pics!

riTa Koch said...

I'm lovin' everybody's travel pics!

McCrakensx4 said...

What a fun 365! That is what mine will look like this Sunday! Sounds & looks like you had a great vaca! Hope you enjoy the rest of your summer.
You captured some really great the calf and the bee pics...great job.