Sunday, July 25, 2010

Project 365 (#133 - #139)

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Sunday ~ #133/365

Since Elisha got his Nintendo DS, he had had little use for his V-Smile so Bethany has nabbed it and is enjoying being able to use it without permission :)

Monday ~ #134/365

Elisha and Bethany had their first day at Day Camp (basically VBS) at another church. They go every year; this was Elisha's 5th year and Bethany's 3rd attending.

Tuesday ~ #135/365

The kids made tags with their initials in hieroglyphics.

Wednesday ~ #136/365

Bethany spotted this crane out her bedroom window sitting on a nearby fence. I snuck outside and did my best not to disturb it so it wouldn't fly away before I snapped a picture. This is the best I could get.

Thursday ~ #137/365

I have now pulled in the lead in our (mine and Elisha's) star war on Super Mario DS. I am now 5 stars ahead and convinced that Elisha will never catch me. He thinks otherwise :)

Friday ~ #138/365

We now have ten poppies in bloom and twenty-five more getting ready to go. Bethany is super excited and I am glad they took off so fast. This really has been a good beginner flower for her.

Saturday ~ #139/365

Buying supplies for Kid's Camp next week. This is Elisha's first year going with us and we almost forgot he didn't have a sleeping bag. We picked up a noodle too for him to float at the lake with.

Next week is sure to busy too as we leave for camp on Monday. Please keep us in your prayer that everyone will be safe, we'll have no car issues, and most importantly that this week at camp will be life changing. Thanks!

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I haven't been on line in a couple of days. Lots of stuff going on.

Camp sounds like fun. Enjoy!

Tori said...

The kids look like they are having fun at camp.
I love that you are the Mario leader and took a picture to prove it! My boys would clobber me, so I don't bother. :)
The flowers are looking great! I bet she is thrilled.
Have a safe trip and I'll be praying for God to show up in a big way during your time there!

Unknown said...

I remember those getting ready for camp days, sadly they are "almost" long gone at my house.

We saw some amazing giant red poppies while we were on vacation last month. They awesome!


McCrakensx4 said...

Oh camp will be so much fun! And they look great all decked out from VBS. Pretty flowers too.