Monday, July 26, 2010

Oregon Vacation - Day 3

The weather this year in Oregon was much cooler than usual, and even though we are all in shorts and t-shirts, or in Bethany's case a summer dress, it was still rather chilly. The kids played outside off and on all day but no without a complaint or two that is was kinda cold. Mind you this was not cool just because we live in California, as our own weather was not much different before we traveled north.

The kids loved climbing back and forth across this fence. Because the cow on the other side is generally friendly it was no big deal for the most part, but Yohn and I still warned them that they couldn't go over without an adult.

Since Becky, the cow, was preganant this warning was a good one because the next day she started pushing the kids away and growing rather irritated with the other calf that shared the field with her.

My dad wasn't feeling too well on this day either, and since we had not really made any plans to go anywhere, we let the kids play their games in the trailer for a while. I still don't understand how Elisha could be so comfortable like that.

I believe this is the night we played "Peter Pan", sword fighting each other with some sticks Bethany had found. I was victorious!

Kick 'em while they're down I always say. No I'm kidding, we were just playing around and Yohn snapped a picture. Elisha thinks it's funny and wanted me to be sure and post it.

I love this picture of Bethany lounging on her daddy.

I think at this point either Elisha or Yohn were taking the random pictures of Bethany with her sticks and the dog. Believe me when I say I weeded through them and only chose a few.

No we don't abuse our children on a regular basis, it only looks that way!

I think this picture of Elisha about to pounce on Yohn is funny because it almost looks like I cut him out and put him on this background.

Yes, I believe it was Elisha taking the pictures because while Yohn's photography skills are not the best, he'd have least gotten Bethany in the picture :)

My mom and I made bar cookies earlier in the day and this is what they looked like. Yummy! They were gone by mid-morning the next day because everyone had a hard time staying out of them. That's what vacations are for right, enjoying ourselves? Well that's exactly what we were doing while we devoured these cookies!


McCrakensx4 said...

What fun. Love all of that green. Wish is would cool down a bit here...oh well that is what I get for living in AZ! The cookie bar looks delish!

Michelle said...

Kids are crazy with the way they can contort their bodies! I wouldn't worry too much about beating up the kids, I do that to my boys all the time. I posted a video on facebook of me shooting my children around the house. They don't die very well!

Are you going to post the recipe for that cookie bar? I must try it!

He & Me + 3 said...

I was thinking the same thing about Elisha and how could he be comfortable. That cow does look uncomfortable. Hope the calves are born soon.
The cookie bars look awesome!