Tuesday, August 24, 2010

If Only...

If only I were a computer genius, I wouldn't have been minus one computer for a week and a half.

If only I would have realized just how much I was going to lose off of my computer and backed up my screen saver pictures too. Now I have to go through all my pictures again to have them just as organized as before. *SIGH*

If only my husband realized that when I giggle at him and how he talks with his wisdom teeth problems that I am not laughing but with him *wink, wink*.

If only he also realized how big my smile was this morning as he stumbled through the house after getting all four wisdom teeth removed and that that smile was a sign of just how much he was loved.

If only my kids would stop growing so quickly.

If only I wouldn't stumble about in my Christian walk and wonder if I'm really where I'm supposed to be. But I guess the moment I finally "arrive" at that fact I'll probably be dead and none of it will matter anymore.

If only I could put a cap on my mouth when talking to my children and really think about the things I want to say before allowing them to come out.

If only...


Andrea said...

Keep stumbling into HIS arms, my friend...that is what it is all about..we are on a journey...growing every step of the way.

Anonymous said...

We all have our list of if onlys. The older we get the more we have. It's just part of life.

He & Me + 3 said...

Oh girly I hear ya. Your list is a good one. I can shake my head with you on all of them. I need to put a cap on my mouth too. Ugh.

Michelle said...

There are too many "if only" statements in life. Everybody has regrets and things they wish were different, but we can only move forward with the life we have now. I'm praying your "if only's" are minor!