Monday, August 2, 2010

Oregon Vacation - Day 5 Part 1

Day 5 of our vacation looked like this:

Cloudy, overcast and cold! It was probably in the 50's and this is in July! Because of the colder weather the kids could not play on this:

It's a water slide, a very fun water slide they look forward to each year. But such is life sometimes, right? So instead they did a lot of this:

While their daddy did a lot of this:

Talking and visiting with Uncle Ray. I don't know if you remember from my 365 post, but Yohn's brother Ray is blind and autistic. He lives in a group home in a little country town about 45 minutes from my parents house. There's not much for them to do in the house and it needs to be quiet inside for the other people who live there so we spend most of our time visiting outdoors.

Look an actual picture of me! Yep, I finally decided to hand over the camera for once :)

Because of the wind the kids decided to play in the playhouse...

...pretending to work at McDonald's and serving Daddy and Uncle Ray whatever their hearts desires. When that grew old they came back out and did a lot of jumping on this:

Until it started to rain. I don't know if you can see it but if you look carefully there are raindrops on my lens in a few of those pictures.

We took a few moments to get some family pictures...

...and then the kids wanted to go play McDonald's again in the playhouse because it really started raining on us.

This time all five of us crammed into that little tiny house and enjoyed playing and laughing together.

After a while it was time to go and we bid Uncle Ray farewell with a hug and promises to come and see him again next year. Maybe this year we'll even get a letter or two sent his way.
Then we headed to see another member of the family, but since this post is already so long (and picture overloaded) I'll leave that post for another day!


Anonymous said...

What a nice post! I couldn't help but notice the background in your outside photographs--pretty country! Is it usually so cold in July there? You seemed prepared with the way the kids were dressed.

Together We Save said...

I love all the pictures!! Makes for a wonderful post... I can't belive it is in the 50s anywhere. It is so hot here.

He & Me + 3 said...

What fun to spend time with uncle Ray. What sweet memories for everyone. Loved the scenery. Just beautiful too.

Michelle said...

What special memories for both you guys and Uncle Ray. I'm sure Uncle Ray looks forward to your visit every year!

I can't believe it was so cold. I wish I could see the raindrops.