Sunday, August 1, 2010

Project 365 (#140 - #146)

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Sunday ~ #140/365

Packing again for yet another week (well, four days) away from home. This time our trip includes a tent and some sleeping bags.

Monday ~ #141/365

And we're off to Kid's Camp for a few days. This is Elisha and Harmony's first year (Harmony is our "niece" the daughter of close friends to our family). Bethany is still too young and stayed with her grandmother. Next year though, she gets to join in on the fun!

Tuesday ~ #142/365

Elisha and Harmony in front of Whiskey Reservoir. We spent the next few days a little further down the road from this shot swimming and enjoying the outdoors.

Wednesday ~ #143/365

Chef Yon is a favorite guest at Kids Camp every year. Normally he doesn't dress this way. Nope usually he looks like this:

But if you wanna find out why he was in rain jacket and a baseball cap this year, pop on over to Yohn's blog and watch the video. It's pretty funny, we were laughing so hard during the whole skit. Do me a favor though, if you do pop over and watch the video, leave Yohn a comment and let him know what you think :)

Thursday ~ #144/365

A view of the campers, teen helpers and adults that made Kid's Camp a success. We really had a great group of kids this year. No drama fighting or anything like in years past.

Friday ~ #145/365

Back home again and of course, there's plenty of laundry to do again!

Saturday ~ #146/365

Bethany can officially ride a two wheeler! Can you tell how excited she is about this fact?

That's it for my week, next week back to work as usual :( Hop on over to Sara's blog for more 365 participants.


McCrakensx4 said...

Summer camp is so much fun! Sadly Brendan didn't get to go anywhere this summer. That view is breathtaking. And YaY Bethany for being able to ride your 2 wheeler...way to go!

Rebecca Jo said...

How fun - camp brings out the fun in kids! So great to have great people to volunteer & help!

Are those riding boots with that bike? :)

THe laundry NEVER ends, does it - camp or no camp

He & Me + 3 said...

Wow that summer camp sounds fun and how cool that hubs has a huge part. Yeah for Bethany. That is awesome! Camp=fun laundry=not so much fun. :)

sara said...

sounds like a great time was had by all!

riding a two wheeler is such a big accomplishment...I remember vividly each time each of my kids mastered it!!

Lisa said...

What great memories! You are a brave woman.

Love all the pics by the river, too.

Amanda said...

Ha! The laundry photo cracked me up. It just never ends huh? :)


riTa Koch said...

What would summer be without camp?! Sad :(
Yeah, Bethany!

Tori said...

What a fun week!! And what a great accomplishment for Bethany!
Why is laundry always so daunting after a trip?!
Have a super week!!

The Davidson Den said...

Looks like the kids had a lot of fun!!

Laundry. It never ever ever stops. :(