Thursday, November 18, 2010

Oregon Vacation - Day 7

Okay so bear with me cuz' here I go again. Keep in mind that these pictures are from the fourth of July so I'm goin' waaaayyyy back.

Not the best picture of Yohn and I but Bethany wanted to get a birthday picture of me first thing in the morning.

We went to the fourth of July parade in Imbler and met up with our friends. That's their son Josiah waving at the fire truck with Elisha and Bethany.

Gathering up the candy.

That's my parent's one and only neighbor driving an old tractor in the parade.

I love this shot I took looking up at Bethany.

Jackie and her grandma (I think that was her grandma!).

The kids waving at Smokey Bear.

One float was tossing out stuffed animals and both kids managed to snag one.

All of us!

Later that night we sat around bundled up waiting for the fireworks.

My dad wasn't feeling too well so he and mom chose to sit in the van and wait it out.

I don't understand why, I mean who wouldn't want to sit in the cold in the middle of summer wearing pants and sweatshirts and bundled in blankets. I mean come on, it's makes a real fashion statement :)

As usual the fireworks display did not disappoint!


Gregg Metcalf said...

Great shots. I am missing so much, I need to get a camera and take some pics!

Kate said...

Great pics! Glad to see a couple of you :-) I'm always so bad about having my picture taken.

Love the firework pictures too :-)

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

That was a fun day! So glad we got to share our first ever Imbler 4th of July parade with you, and yep, that's my grandma!