Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Project 365 (#217 - #230)

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So clearly I am behind on this project yet again. I was not feeling well one week and then it snowballed from there. And now, well I am posting this late, but I decided better late than never, right?

But before I begin, here is the rooster that so many of you asked about. Someone dumped him at the church and for about a month and a half he stayed there fending for himself until some kind soul volunteered to take him home their own flock. Now, onto 365! (a few weeks behind)

Sunday ~ #217/365

We needed to get a new one of these today.

Monday ~ #218/365

I forgot to wash Bethany's favored leotard so she improvised this week with the black one that's a little too small and a black skirt.

Tuesday ~ #219/365

I continue to dominate our fantasy football league with my winning record of 5-0!

Wednesday ~ #220/365

I couldn't resist taking a picture of these fluffly clouds this morning.

Thursday ~ #221/365

Family Night!
We all decided that bowling would be a great way to spend the evening.

Friday ~ #222/365

Our 4th/5th grade teacher lost her husband a few weeks back and I was filling in for her. We did a picture project that said "Welcome Back! We missed you!" Unfortunately some of the class was missing on this day so we just spelled out welcome back.

Saturday ~ #223/365

Elisha and Anthony's team suffered their first loss today. Actually they didn't suffer much, they played really hard but just couldn't pull off the W.

Sunday ~ #224/365

We celebrated Jewell's birthday at a bowling alley. Had I been thinking we may not have gone bowling on Thursday night, but it's just as well, the kids had a lot of fun. In the first game Elisha got two spares and then a strike. In the second game he did the same thing and Bethany even got a strike! It may be bumper bowling but both of Elisha's strikes were straight down the alley.

Monday ~ #225/365

We went on a field trip with the kids to a local pumpkin farm and I couldn't resist snapping a picture of these 10 foot beauties!

Tuesday ~ #226/365

Kids are free at T-Mobile get yours today!
Okay, stupid joke once again. Sometimes I just can't help myself.

Wednesday ~ #227/365

He turned his head just as I snapped the picture. Yohn said he looked like he was praying.

Thursday ~ #228/365

Family Night!
We bough Bop It! from Target and had a blast playing this together.

Friday ~ #229/365

We completed the picture project since all the kids were finally back in class. There was really something going around there for about a week. The kids are posing for the "U" in "We Missed You!!"

Saturday ~ #230/365

Bethany won this tutu and other ladybug accessories at Gym Jam.

That's it, although it does not include last week's pictures, I'll have to post them with this week's project and promise to try my best never to miss out again!


The Bug said...

Great pictures! At least you have the pictures if not the time to post them - that's really the important part.

If someone wants my free child they can have them - I don't really want any :)

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! You are so creative with your subject matter, too.
I'm glad the rooster found a home:)

Michelle said...

It looks like a fantastic couple of weeks! I hope you're feeling better now. I love the pictures you did for the teacher. So creative!

CM said...

Love the clouds and the praying kitty...too cute!

I can't wait until my boys are big enough to go bowling. I love bowling!

Amanda said...

Love your posts.. I scroll through and think, I gotta comment on that! Then I see another picture and want to comment on that then I forget everything. ;)

Hope you are back to 100%. (ha, first time I had the typo $100)


McCrakensx4 said...

Fun week...loving that lady bug outfit...ladybugs are my fav! And family game nights are the boys are asking for bop it for Christmas!

He & Me + 3 said...

The sky pictures this week are amazing. Love that it is still so warm there. We are getting gray skies and cold.
Great baseball shot through the fence. Love it.