Sunday, November 21, 2010

Project 365 (#251 - #257)

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Sunday ~ #251/365

Elisha is still excited about the fact that the Giants won the World Series.

Monday ~ #252/365

We score free tickets to the Warriors game against the Pistons! The Pistons are my team but at half time they were down by 34 points... I was so sad. But at the end of the game it was 99-97 with 20 seconds remaining. And then... AND THEN... They missed the shot and fouled one of the Warriors played who promply made both free throws to put the nail in the coffin. But coming back from a 34 point deficit made it a very exciting second half of the game.

Tuesday ~ #253/365

Fall colors are everywhere!

Wednesday ~ #254/365

A beautiful sunset.

Thursday ~ #255/365

One of our good friends turned 50! His wife put on a Hollywood themed birthday party for him. It was so much fun!

Friday ~ #256/365

Friendship Stew at the kids' school. And they are officially out for Thanksgiving Break.

Saturday ~ #257/365

The kids' bookshelf was a mess. They had waaayyy too many books so we had to go through them all and decide which to keep and which to donate. It looks so much better now and they can manage it themselves.
And now I am headin' on over to Sara's blog to see what everyone else has been up to.


Anonymous said...

What a great assortment of photos! Love that 50 in the back of the guy's head...LOL

I LOVED your fireworks photos in the previous post, too.

The email that you sent was so funny--and "right on"! LOL

Tori said...

Gorgeous colors and that sunset is fabulous!
How long do you get for Thanksgiving break?
I am guessing that is the birthday boy's head with the 50 on it. Otherwise, that is a very dedicated friend!
The bookshelf looks great! I need to do that too.
Have a super week!

sara said...

Since I just turned 50, I LOVE your friends head!!! That is awesome!!!

beautiful sunset!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Amanda said...

Great roundup!! I cant believe they came back from 34 points down! And that bookshelf looks fantastic!! I SOOOOO need to do that!

Rebecca Jo said...

I am cracking up at the "stamped" faces... & the one scratched out! haha!!!

The 50 shaved in the head - AWESOME!!!!!!

The Bug said...

Great pictures this week! Your leaf one reminds me of the ones we've been getting here. LOVE the 50 - he was such a good sport to do that!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

We just had a P-Day (Purge Day) around our house this weekend. I got rid of sacks of broken toys and trash from under beds, dressers, closets, etc. We also have bags of toys to give away. It feels so good!!!

Michelle said...

Awh! I remember friendship stew from last year! I'm also looking forward to this years edition to your thanksgiving book.

I love that sunset, so beautiful. And the fall colors on the tree.

McCrakensx4 said...

That 50 shaved into his head is hysterical! We had a good friend turn 40 this week! Beautiful photos of the sunset and changing leaves. And being a transplant from MI to AZ...I have always been a Pistons fan! Wish I had this week off from school...what a fun way to end their week thoughl. Wishing you and your family a blessed Thanksgiving!

He & Me + 3 said...

The pistons are my team too. Love the 50 in the back of his head. LOL
Great family picture. Love the world series drawing too. CUTE
Have a great thanksgiving.