Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Basketball - A Photo Shoot

As I have mentioned before, we've had a little bit of communication problems with Elisha's basketball team this year. We didn't know what day picture day was and so on that day we missed out on being able to purchase any pictures.

So I decided that before we have to turn in his uniform some time next week that I wanted to get a few pictures of him with it.

I took the pics in the school gym where the lighting is bad, and I used my flash, but I still think I scored a few decent ones.

Had to get a picture of his number, before it's all gone.

He misunderstood what I was trying for here, but it turned out to be kind of a cute photo anyway.

Uhhhh, no. He doesn't need to look that tall already.

Oh, too blurry. Rats.

I thought I edited this one a little better but...

Here's the black and white version of it. Too bad there's that rip in the mats in the background.

Not too bad, but still the rip is an eyesore. And I don't have a fancy smancy photo editing program, so I get what I get and I guess I really can't throw a fit.

Not too bad...
But my favorites actually turned out to be the ones where he posed himself. See...

How'd I do? Which one do you think is worthy of being printed and passed out to the grandparents and family and friends who love our boy?


The Bug said...

I like them all - but I think the 2nd one is best. And I really like the black & white one. You're right about that one - he DOES look tall - & with that expression he's almost a teenager!

Together We Save said...

I love them.... this is what Iusually do. Cheaper than a group picture!!

H-Mama said...

Great job! He's such a cutie!!

CM said...

I like the second to the last one the best. Just a thought...if you want to email me your favorite one with the rip in the mat, I could try to erase it for you. It's pretty easy. :-)