Sunday, February 13, 2011

Project 365 (#328 ~ #334)

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Sunday ~ #328/365

Yay! Go Packers!

We watched the Super Bowl at a friend's house but since I neglected to take pictures this one from after they won will have to do.

Monday ~ #329/365

A pretty blue bird on our fence. These birds are so beautiful, yet so annoying. They have this obnoxious chirp and our small dog Tonka yaps all day long when they are chirping.

Tuesday ~ #330/365

The almond trees in the vacant lot behind our house are in bloom! Too bad it only lasts for a week or two and then all the blossoms are gone for another year. This is the tree in the background of the kids' valentine picture cards.

Wednesday ~ #331/365

A late night basketball tournament turned into a loss for Elisha's team. With this loss means they didn't play Saturday, but had their final game on Sunday instead.

We also had Bethany's team meeting tonight and then jammed to the church to drop Bethany off with Yohn and then back to the school to play this game. Crazy busy night.

Thursday ~ #332/365

Didn't buy the kids Valentine's this year but instead just printed some free ones off of the internet. My kids were happy with them and I didn't spend any money. I'd say that's a win-win.

Friday ~#333/365

Here's a picture of Elisha and I celebrating National White T-Shirt Day...

... and here's a picture of Yohn and Bethany not celebrating National White T-Shirt Day.

Bethany also had her first softball practice of the season. Here we go!

Saturday ~ #334/365

Elisha had his first baseball practice at 11 am and then his team meeting following that. Then at 3 pm I took the kids to a birthday party where I took this picture....

... of Bethany and I and realized I probably should have been wearing some sunscreen on my face!

Again I say it was crazy busy this week and it's only gonna get crazier with both kids playing sports at the same time! Now I'm off to Sara's to see who else has had a crazy busy week :)


sara said...

Ok, I am completely and totally JEALOUS...and blooming tree AND and sunburn?!?!?!?!

so not fair.

christy rose said...

Oh wow I can't believe that you have blooming trees already. We are still trudging around here with several feet of snow piles everywhere. But it is supposed to get warm this week. Maybe it will all melt, spring will come and trees will bud here in the next few weeks. Can't wait!!

What a super great idea for the kids' valentines BTW!!

Lisa said...

You have busy kids in sports too. The tree is beautiful and I love seeing the green grass, I am so sick of the
Great idea on the Valentine's, I love it...great savings. Looks like a nice week.

Unknown said...

With all the winter picture this week it was a nice change to see a blooming tree....WOW!

You must be out west somewhere!


Lori said...

great pictures. that tree is gorgeous. got to love seeing trees in bloom during February

The Bug said...

Our trees have little knobs popping out that MIGHT turn into something by April :)

Love Yohn's not white t-shirt - it's fun!

riTa Koch said...

I had no idea it was national white t-shirt day ;)
Where on earth do you live where you have almond blossoms and can get a sun burn?!
But you don't have igloos!
Actually ours may be gone soon. And, no, the kids did not finish it.

Anonymous said...

I love the photos of the bird and the blooming tree! Spring is getting near...

In response to your comment about my snoopy t-shirt. Yes, I noticed that someone in one of your photos had on that shirt, too! LOL

The Olan Mills photo was made for our church directory--and what a chore that was, getting 3 teenagers dressed up for a family photograph. LOL

CM said...

Great shots!

So, maybe this is a silly question, but do almonds actually grow on that tree? And if so, can you eat them?

White T-shirt day??? LOL!

I must say, reading about your kiddos and their sports activities makes me look forward to the day my little guys can start playing sports! I love softball/baseball or any other sport they decide to play. Right now, we only do swim classes and gymnastics which really is just play time on the toddler-sized equipment!

SusanD said...

Blooming trees.....ahhhhh! lol.

Finding unusual cars is getting more difficult, but I am always on the look out. No matter where I go, I'm always scanning for the "car-of-the-week."

Blessings, SusanD

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

I'm with the first comment! Totally jealous!

We just finshed basketball with the boys. We didn't win one game. It was so depressing! And it was also hard to watch.

Hoping they will find a sport that they might excell at.

He & Me + 3 said...

I didn't know there was a white tshirt day. How fun. Loved that picture of you and your boy. Cute.
Beautiful tree and softball already? How fun. I can't wait for tball to start either. Just gotta get rid of this snow. Grrrr.

Ladynred said...

Love the blue bird!Thanks for visiting my blog!