Saturday, February 5, 2011

Project 365 (#321 ~ #327)

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Sunday ~ #321/365

Did a quick photo shoot with this boy because we were not able to order basketball pictures (due to some miscommunication). This is one of my favorites.

Monday ~ #322/365

Getting ready for Lifegroup. Tonight I spoiled the ladies with some brownies. Not homemade, but good nevertheless.

Tuesday ~ #323/365

Bethany and I tried making mosaic valentines with cardboard and cut up scrapbooking paper. We had fun but they were a little more difficult than I thought they'd be. Little fingers had a hard time keeping the paper from sticking to her gluey fingers.

Note: After the project was done I told my daughter, "We're about to eat dinner, so while I clean up the table I want you to go wash your hands, make sure you use plenty of glue!" Of course I meant soap and so we all busted up laughing for about 3 or 4 minutes. The kids wanted me to make sure I blogged that blooper!

Wednesday ~ #324/365

Groundhog's Day

I decided to take shadow pictures of our family. While I really like the way it turned out I don't like that my children look like they could be teens. Uh no, we'll wait for that to happen for as long as we can.

Thursday ~ #325/365

My free valentine's came from Shutterfly! I used pictures from last year, but I don't think family is gonna complain about that too much.

Friday ~ #326/365

Copies of report cards came home today. They both did great!

Saturday ~ #327/365

Last season game

He's watching to see if his shot is going to go in. Love the focused look on his face. Great news! His team made the playoffs.

AND... we found out today Bethany will be on the Cubs for Softball. We're still waiting to hear what team Elisha will play for. Bethany's first team meeting is on Wednesday night, the same night as Elisha's first playoff game. And we have church that night, which means Yohn will be working with the church kids and misses out on all the fun and I will be running from one thing to the next! It's gonna be a busy evening!

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Lori said...

great pictures and thanks for sharing the glue laugh

sara said...

wow the picture of your son is GREAT! And I am sure cost you a LOT less than ordering through the team!!

love the valentines...which reminds me I need to get mine in the mail for my college kids!

The shadow picture was a great idea. yes, hold off on the teen years as long as possible!!! :)

loved your pics!

The Cyber Hermit said...

I love the Saturday shot and the look on his face: "C'mon...make it, make it, make it!"


Your shadow picture was so cool. Loved the basketball ones too....especially the last one. What a precious look on his face.

Mimi said...

It looks like a great week & the shadow pic is super cool.

Have a great week,

Rebecca Jo said...

WOWWWW... they do look grown up in the shadows - dont they? that's kinda crazy

How fun to give out Valentine cards!

I love life groups for the yummy treats :)

The Bug said...

I laughed out loud at the glue comment - too funny! The end result looks pretty good.

I'm jealous of the B+ for penmanship - I made Cs until they finally stopped grading us for that. I have TERRIBLE handwriting.

Amy said...

Gotta love those kinds of report cards!! Love homemade valentines projects now all you needed is some glitter and you would have really lost your mind!!

SusanD said...

I love the shadow picture. I'll have to give that a try. Thanks for sharing. Have a fabulous week. Blessings, SusanD

Wylie @ Shout A Joyful Noise! said...

I love the ground hog day shadow pic! What a great idea! Shutterfly V-day cards? Awesome!!! Great pics of the kids. Looks like a super week!

Unknown said...

Great report cards are a GOOD thing!

Loved the shadow picture!


riTa Koch said...

Both BB pics are good!
Cute valentines, sweet Bethany, funny story!
Super groundhog-day pic ;)
Wow, I may have to take up Shutterfly's offer!
BTW, the worm farm is indoors, nice and warm. (It would be funny if I reversed those two w_rm words ;)

He & Me + 3 said...

Great job with the basketball picture. I need to do that too. I am taking the team picture this week.
Yum to the brownies and the valentines that you and Bethany made are darling. Love the free valentines from shutterfly too. Super cute.

Tori said...

Super b-ball picture!
I think little paper is hard on gluey fingers no matter their size.
Love the shadow pic. I did one of those last year and loved it!!
Congrats on good report cards. Not surprised to hear that about your kids though!
Have a great week!!

christy rose said...

Wow Look at those report cards!! You must be so proud!!

Loved the Valentines! Both of them! And the shadow picture of your family is awesome!!

I try to make sure that my kids always wash their hands with glue after they make a mess too. LOL So funny!! My kids would have laughed at that for weeks!!

Anonymous said...

Stopping by to "catch up". Thank you so much for your sweet comments and prayers. Brad is feeling better each day.

About the photo of us in masks in ICU--Brad actually took one with his phone, but I have no idea how to get it! I haven't even seen it, but I know it's a beauty :)

Your basketball shots of Elijah are better than any that you would've gotten in a package--even with the ripped cushion.