Monday, May 2, 2011

Baseball/Softball Chronicles ~ April 11th - 16th

April 12th, 2011

Cubs vs. Angels

My kids had back to back games on two nights this week and because I was score keeping I could not make it to Bethany's game. Thankfully Yohn was there to watch her overcome her fear of getting hit (she was hit by the kid pitcher the last game and was afraid to bat) and saw her play well in the outfield.

Sadly, the Cubs brought home a loss due to the base umpire having something against our coach and taking away her daughter's home run. We recently re-played that team and I had a mom tell me most of the parents of the Angels thought the call was made unfairly, so you know that it wasn't just our team complaining it was a bad call.

Final Score: Cubs 12, Angels 13

A's vs. Dodgers

It was such a cold night, can you see Elisha is wearing both his jersey shirt, undershirt and his cold gear underarmor (Bethany had on the same layers)? I had to make my kids wear all three shirts because they were convinced they were going to be too hot. I am sooo glad I insisted because they were still cold at the end of the night.

The A's did a decent job, but kind of gave it up toward the end. Elisha played on third base for two innings and covered it well. Here he is checking the guy on second to make sure he's going back where he belongs.

Final Score: A's 6, Dodgers 8

April 14th, 2011

Cubs vs. Marlins

Both kids played at the same time on second night this week. Thankfully I was able to get someone to cover scorekeeping for Elisha's team so I could run the two fields and see some of the action for both games. Bethany had some great hits, one of which resulting in a run home.

And, as usual, she was her usual cute self in the dug out. She certainly loves being involved in the team cheers and you can almost always pick her voice out when they are shouting for their team.

Final Score: I forgot to write it down :( but I am pretty sure it was a loss because this was a tough week for our girls and so, so very cold.

A's vs. Giants

Elisha moving to back up the first baseman.

There were so many boys on the Giants team that we knew from other teams that oddly enough, I took more pictures of their team than ours. Elisha likes to have pictures of the kids he knows. This was another tough game and seemed like our boys were just not in it tonight. However, Elisha got a great catch out in right field resulting in a third out ending the inning and leaving two boys on base. It was so great to see him do it too, as he stepped up and caught it was such confidence. A very proud mama moment.

Final Score: A's 2, Giants 10

April 15th, 2011

Cubs vs. Orioles

Yes, Bethany's third of the week. Tonight's was a make up game though. This is Bethany's new routine for getting herself in the right place in the batter's box. She places her bat in the middle of the plate then leans on it to adjust her feet, then gets in her batter's stance. Seeing it makes me giggle.

Her coach is telling her when she is told to steal second she had better run fast!

The Cubs were unfortunately losing by so much they did not have a chance to catch up so Bethany's coach asked them where they wanted to play. Bethany played first base and had us all cracking up with her little focused face. She does sooo much better paying attention in the in field but is not really ready for it full time yet. Still, it was a lot of fun to watch her excite.

See! Can you see how happy she is? She earned a star for this play because the base umpire said she made the out (even though those of us in the stands could have sworn the batter beat her to the base).

Final Score: Cubs 4, Orioles 17

Whew! That was it for this week as both teams had the weekend off.


Anonymous said...

You are one busy mama! Dividing yourself between two games...You did such a great job photographing and reporting on the games, that I almost fell as if I'd been there.

He & Me + 3 said... are so busy during the spring. Glad you had he weekend off. That is when my busy begins. Contests to B for being hero of the game.