Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Week in Review ~ Project 365

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Sunday ~ May 15th

Chef Yon made an appearance to help celebrate our pastor's 50th birthday. Pastor Jeff's wife had many of the staff "guest star" to make his day a great one.

Monday ~ May 16th

Once again nothing. I hope this doesn't become a trend.

Tuesday ~ May 17

Training her lion to use a cell phone.

Wednesday ~ May 18th

I had snack shack duty so she took it upon herself to get a triple (running three bases off of one hit). Ummm.... yeah. Don't you understand, Kid, that I want to be there when you do these things!

Thursday ~ May 19th

Torturing the dog as he's tryin' to sleep. :0)

Friday ~ May 20th

He's crackin' me up with his slapping his glove as he cheers for his pitcher.

Saturday ~ May 21st

Her team didn't make playoffs this year so but she still wanted red and blue hair before the season was over.

I finally saw him get a hit today right into center field!

And I also got a beautiful gift from my girlie.

Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

Fun photos this week. Love here hair. Aren't flowers from your kids great. I missed two this week. It was rough. Keep it up though. I love seeing your photos each week.


I loved the hair shot. Your photos are so much fun each week to see.

The Cyber Hermit said...

The hair is great - and so is the triple! I love seeing how much fun your kids have.

sara said...

Isn't that the case...they do the big things when you are not there!!! But YEA! for the triple!!!

and the hair is almost as awesome as her smile!!

Mimi said...

It looks like the games are so much fun!

Hugs & love,

Amy said...

love the ballgame shots. your kids are too cute!

Kim said...

Such great photos! Especially liked the one of your daughter smiling so broadly with her bright red and blue hair :) Such joy in that photo!

And the handful of flowers is a very cool shot.

Have a wonderful week!

McCrakensx4 said...

Fun week...I sadly didn't post any baseball pics again..stupid download wouldn't download! Hopefully next week! Nice thing about working our concession stand is that we work the games before our own and that way we can see our kids' games. Love your new header too!

The Bug said...

Love her hair - she should do it again for July 4th :) Good for her for getting a triple.

That picture of Elisha smaking his glove is too cute - I can just see it in action :)

riTa Koch said...

Loved the chef pic.
Where does he work?
Just got our grands' game schedule, so I may have many sports photos to post, but don't know if they could ever be as good as yours.
Enjoy your week and lovely family!

Anonymous said...

I loved the red/blue hair! Your girl has spunk! Flowers are always a sweet gift :) Have a great week!