Sunday, May 29, 2011

Baseball/Softball Chronicles ~ May 9th - 14th

Wednesday ~ May 11th

The Cubs vs. The Orioles

I was assisting in the scorekeeper box with a friend whose daughter played on the same team as Bethany the two years before this one. More or less we just talked a lot and I didn't really assist, but pictures from the scorekeeper's box are not always the easiest. I know I posted this picture on my 365 a few weeks back but I edited it just to make it different :)

Sadly, neither one of our daughter's got a hit on this night (although we had both been saying how much more consistent this season, ironic isn't it) and the Orioles went on to do what they do best.

Final Score: Cubs 7, Orioles 10

Thursday, May 12th

The A's vs. The WhiteSox

We got some great fans in the bleachers tonight!

The sun was perfect for getting some batting pictures in.

Walked again, but man is he getting good at his base stealing.

A little chit chat with the coach during a time out.

And of course, Bethany is always good for some quality entertainment!

This was her re-enactment of her slow motion "fall".

I climbed the fence for this great view of the team discussion after the game.

Final Score: A's 7, White Sox 5

Yay! They really do look like a playoff team!

The kids had Open House tonight too so after the game we zoomed back to the school to see the kids' class and all their fun work. I was busy chatting with other parents and this is the only picture I took!

Saturday, May 14th

The A's vs. The Giants

Waiting for his turn at bat.

Not sure why I didn't get more pictures this game but it was a great one! They played the second place team and won!

Final Score: A's 6, Giants 5

The Cubs vs. The Marlins

I think I posted this picture before too. Bethany played on the same team as this little girl two years ago and she also goes to our church so we see her often. It's fun when the kids play against kids they know. They always request pictures too.

This is how she measures the base. It cracks us up every time.

I guess I wasn't really in a picture taking mood on this particular day. While Elisha's team had a great win Bethany's lost to a team that hadn't gotten a win all season long. Oh well, I guess they had to win at some point.

Final Score: Cubs 4, Marlins 7


Unknown said...

Aww...I love all the sports pics! We dont have softball for the girls until they turn 8, so Kat is playing baseball with the boys this year.

Rebecca Jo said...

I was so laughing at the "reenactment" ... I love dramatic kiddos! :)

Rachel said...

I love that shot of Bethany entertaining everyone, ha ha! And the base stealing is awesome (no matter how you get on first!)

He & Me + 3 said...

Cracking up at her reenactment of the slow motion fall. LOL She is too funny.