Sunday, June 26, 2011

Baseball Playoffs ~ Game 3

Thursday, June 9th

The A's vs. The Cardinals

(Backing up third or maybe just watching his shadow as he runs :)

Because the team lost on Wednesday, they had to play Thursday to try to make it to the championships. Except this time we had to do it without our coach. Since his family was headed to Hawaii, I guess they had a valid excuse for leaving. :) Now they were down two players (the one from the day before and the coach's son, and our coach. His friend, Jeffrey, filled in and did a great job and we appreciated him very much (he had been assistant coaching on and off, so it's not like he didn't know the team.

(playing third)

This game was far more relaxed. No yelling, no crazy parents, just a nice warm evening and a ball game.

(there's that tongue again)

Unfortunately the Cardinals have had our number all. season. long. and so a win we could not pull off, but they did play hard and had a great game.

Bethany did what Bethany does well, entertaining herself with the various critters and bugs in the area.

And bringing her mommy some pretty treasures!

Final Score: A's 6, Cardinals 8

And the A's went home eliminated and taking third place in the playoffs. Great job boys! It was a great season to be a part of!

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He & Me + 3 said...

Sorry they didn't win, but atleast it was a relaxing and fun game. Oh kids and critters :)