Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Baseball/Softball Chronicles ~ May 16th - 21st

Tuesday, May 17th

Elisha's team had a game scheduled against the Dodgers but they got rained out. Here we go again!

Wednesday, May 18th

The Cubs vs. The Angels

I unfortunately had snack shack duty and could not see her game. And wouldn't you know it? She turns around and hits a triple without either me or her dad in attendance. Why do you do these things to us kid?

Final Score: Cubs 12, Angels 20

Friday, May 20th

The A's vs. The Dodgers

Yep, you guessed it this was the re-scheduled game. Except there was some major miscomunication between both team coaches and the office because according to them we were supposed to play on Thursday night and so we had no umpire. I'd like to know how both teams could show up on the wrong night though. It really made no sense.

They played a scrimmage game anyways and the boys had a lot of fun. Elisha was walked twice, played the outfield for two innings....

...played short stop one inning...

...backed up third on a steal during that inning....

and covered third base during one inning too.

We didn't keep score because it didn't count but if we had it would have been a lot of nothing to a lot of something and not in the A's favor.

Saturday ~ May 21st

The Cubs vs. The Blue Jays

For some reason I didn't take as many pictures today, but the two I got of my Bethany look great!

She did well at bat, hitting off the kid pitcher once and coming around home twice. Go Bethany!

This game was an upset though because we lost on a balk. Hello Mr. Umpire this is 8 and unders! They don't call balks until 10 and unders. Thanks for losing the game for us we appreciate it.... uh, NOT!

Final Score: Cubs 12, Angels 13 (booooo umpire!!!! boo!!!!)

The A's vs. The Cardinals

I actually wanted a good pic of his hands but the sun was working against me.

Guess who got an awesome hit today?!!!! Yep, he hit it straight into center field resulting in a double and an RBI. Soooo exciting to see him do that. Keep up that confidence E!

It was close until the end when the Cards pulled away.

Final Score: A's 8, Cardinals 10

I had to throw in this sweet picture of Bethany and her friend. They were teammates for the last two years but this year ended up on different teams. Their brothers were playing against each other and they ran through the empty field nearby picking wildflowers (weeds) and catching ladybugs.


CM said...

A triple! That's awesome!

So I'm curious, at Bethany's age, is it still slow pitch? I think we went up to fast pitch in junior high, but I'm not sure what they do anymore.

Oh, and we bough Sprout his first baseball glove last week! I'm so excited (probably more than he!) He starts baseball next week!

That last pic is adorable!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

You missed the triple? I'd have been annoyed, too!

Love that last pic of Bethany and her friend, especially.

Anonymous said...

Woah, a triple, and you both missed it?!

I agree...something not right when both teams show up.

I, too, like the last photograph. Kids being kids :)