Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Week in Review ~ Project 365

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Sunday, June 19th

Happy Father's Day!

We had dinner together at Baja Fresh.

Monday, June 20th

Bethany showed me her "new" bracelet.

Tuesday, June 21st

Coming in for a landing!

Wednesday, June 22nd

I took pictures of the two kids in their baseball/softball stuff to give to friends and family. Yes, I know the season is over, but that's typical me.

Thursday, June 23rd

She drew me a new picture. It says "If I leave, will you keep this (picture)? I'm your flower.

Friday, June 24th

Enjoyed free Orange Chicken Panda Express in their new open late promotion.

Saturday, June 25th

Picked up the rental car for our upcoming vacation!

See you in a few weeks!

BTW, I have some posts pre-set to post while I'm gone, so you can still pop by and see what's up. :)



I have been wanting to try out a Kia Sol so let me know how it is. Have fun on your vacation.

LuAnn said...

Sad that baseball is over. Phil will now be playing Babe Ruth summer ball. We have a Kia and love it.
Happy Vacation !!!

Anonymous said...

Great photos. I love that first one. Cute rental car. Hope you have a great vacation.

Skoots1moM said...

bet you'll enjoy that kia...
safe travels...take lots of pics
great 'uniform' shot

The Cyber Hermit said...

Have a great vacation! We're enjoying the heck out of ours.

The baseball picture is great. I thought it was their team/individual photo at first. You have a good eye.

McCrakensx4 said...

love the baseball pic...very cute! yummy orange chix and even better when its free! hope you have a super fun (and safe) vaca! we leave for CO in a few weeks

Rebecca Jo said...

Have a great vacation!!!

(I'm loving that bracelet with the doggies on it - super cute!)

The Bug said...

Ooh - I'm interested in the Kia too. We kept seeing them on the road on our way to my dad's house - I was calling them Bugly, Jr.

Have a great vacation!

He & Me + 3 said...

What a cute rental car. Yum to Panda Express. so good. Your Father's day picture is so cute. Love it. I didn't get one. Boo hoo. SM's audition was for a Chrysler commercial. HUGE...but, he did not get it. He got a call back, then another call to find out if he was available to shoot on Wednesday but that the part was on hold. So, we didn't hear anything this weekend so pretty sure he did not get it. Bummer. Maybe next time. It is more about the experience of getting them comfortable in front of other people. the Baseball/Softball picture. CUTE

Ladynred said...

Love the red rental car...Have fun on your vacation.