Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Kid Fest ~ Part 3

After face painting we headed to the reptile show.

Here they learned all kinds of facts about reptiles...

... and then followed a tortoise around for a bit. Honestly I think that was their favorite part. I mean who wouldn't want to follow a tortoise around for ten minutes?

And then finally I let them ride a few rides.

The girls wanted to ride the giant stuffed animals. Since it was nearly the end of the day they got to go on for only 2 tickets. And a ride that probably should have only been two minutes ended up being 10.

The best part is that Bethany shared with Elisha and no one seemed to care.

So then I went for a ride too.

Then off to the ferris wheel. Elisha was supposed to ride but doesn't really like heights so he opted out and Yohn took his place.

You can't put our crazy daughter on a ride like this with only her and Jewell. Trouble could ensue.

You think I'm joking, but I am not. She tried to rock the seat and stand up once. A few days later we read all about the girl who died falling off of a ferris wheel and she did not think standing or rocking it was such a good idea any more. Let's hope that story sticks in her little brain or she won't be able to go on rides like this one very often.

Finally a ride Elisha wants to do.

This giant hamster ball thing looked like so much fun, but then the guy never let him do it on his own so it ended up being kinda dumb.

Doesn't she look like she's on stilts?

They kinda remind me of the original Mario Bros.

As we were leaving, they just had to have their pictures taken on the sign again. I am thoroughly convinced they would have had just as much fun climbing on the sign all day as they had at Kid Fest. They say that's not true, but we could never seem to get them down once they had started climbing on it.


Anonymous said...

Love Bethany's face paint, and the giant rolling stuffed animals! As for wanting to stand and rock the ferris wheel...that girl's gonna' give you gray hair! LOL

Kid Fest definately looked like a winner in my book :) As always, great photos!

CM said...

Way cute pics, how fun! The tortoise was huge! So cool. Hope you're having a great summer!

H-Mama said...

oh my... what a fun kid fest! they look like they had a blast! our girlies are the opposite. i can't even lean forward in the ferris wheel. not that i would want to. ;)