Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Here We Go Again...


My plans were to blog about this tonight:

Where we were yesterday, and the fact that my camera has a mind of it's own any more.

But no, today we had to do this:

...and now my bloggy plans have changed.

Yes, that is her arm getting prepped for an IV. No, that is not a real sad face, she is so faking it.

And I won't even mention we were supposed to be at Chuck E Cheese tonight for our school's fundraiser and that both kids were absolutly looking forward to it and that I was supposed to go and take pictures for the yearbook.... Nope, I won't mention those things.

Now where was I?

Oh yeah, the story. Last week or maybe even the Friday before she started complaining about pain in her neck. It was in her neck, as in, the back of her neck, and not near her face. I thought oh she must have slept wrong. She even had knotted muscles in her shoulders to which I massaged out for her. Not one time did she mention her tooth. Okay, one time three weeks back she said it hurt for a second and I said oh I'll have to schedule a dentist appointment to get that checked out. However, I wanted to wait until the first of the year when our insurance kicked back in (we MAXED it out last year with her) and so I stalled. Oh why, oh way do I do that? Maybe because I asked her practically daily and she told me it didn't hurt.

Anyway, fast forward to today when she's complaining to her teacher that her neck hurts and her teacher points out to me that her face is a little swollen. How did I miss that? Oy and it was right under one of her bad teeth that we had dealt with last June but were told it may not be a guaranteed fix.

Sooo... we called the dentist right away and were told to bring her in NOW! They looked at it, took pictures and decided that she had to go see the specialist to have it removed....today.

Off to the oral surgeon we went, who by the way, are awesome. Too bad we have to go and see them in such rotten circumstances because I really like them. We've been there twice before, once with Yohn and his awful wisdom teeth, and the second time with Bethany last October (or maybe it was November) to get a whole lotta stuff done to her little mouth.

They remembered us and a lot of things about Bethany (like the fact she was playing softball and the fact that she hated taking her medicine in apple juice). They also stayed after hours to take care of our girl and we appreciate that so much.

In the above picture she was off the hook crazy-hyper and had us laughing a lot, which is another reason why didn't realize the problem was so bad.

She's at home now watching Ella Enchanted snuggling with Lynx and has a warm, damp washcloth on her face to help the infection go away quicker. She also keeps taking out the gauze every two minutes and is driving me nutso. AND she's hungry and wants to eat RIGHT NOW despite the fact that her mouth is still numb.


At least it all went well and I even had such a peace when I was tempted to worry about the financial part of things. Turns out I forgot that back when she had her other stuff done we were nearly maxed out with the insurance and we had to pay most of it out of pocket. They were gracious enough to let us make payments, the last of which we just paid last week. This time however, it's a new year and the insurance is paying 80%. Whew. A small fee today (well, small compared to last time anyway) and another next month and we are all done.

Praise God for it all working out so smoothly.

Oh, and a friend of ours took Elisha to Chuck E Cheese for us so we could be with Bethany. Another praise.

Now, if you will, please keep our kiddo in your prayers. Pray this is the last of the worst with her teeth. She's had more stuff wrong with her teeth than most adults have in their lifetime. Okay, maybe alot of adults.

UGH! Yohn just called and told me the price of her antibiotics. Let's just say it was enough to make me take a deep breath and know we gotta do what we gotta do AND it was more than we just paid to the oral surgeon.

Thank God for HIS PROVISION.

And thank God that I just got all of our W-2's today. I'll be filing those before bedtime tonight...


Kim @ Homesteader's Heart said...

I've told my husband before that our kids should have pain meters attached to them so we can know just where and how bad the pain is. OY!
I'm glad it all worked out in the end and she's okay. I wanna watch Ella Enchanted. LOL!
Have a great day!

The Bug said...

Oh man, what a pain - literally! Sounds like she's a little trooper...

CM said...

Oh that's too bad. Poor thing, I hope she feels better soon. I just sent up a prayer for her.

Kate said...

Oh this made me sad. She's already been through so much :( Hopefully this will be the last of it.

She's a strong one!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I'm so sorry! Man, she is one tough cookie. Josiah is going in next week to get two teeth pulled. He has the same pain tolerance I have - ZERO! NOT looking forward to that. Sounds like Bethany is on the mend. Praying God's provision for the cost. Hugs to you guys, Jackie