Thursday, January 19, 2012


Sometimes life just doesn't work out the way we want it to. I would never choose for my girl to have so many teeth issues. Never imagine what the purpose would be. In some ways, I still can't.

But on the other hand, my girl has an amazingly high tolerance for pain that I believe has developed through some of this. She is also practically perfect in the dentist's chair and has had several people (dental people) tell me she is such a dream and delight to have in their office, they just wish it was in better circumstances for her.

Through this she is learning that she can face the challenges head on, that fear takes a back seat, that Jesus will sustain her. Granted she doesn't like going through the pain and I don't like to see her do it. But she is growing and maturing through it, and for that I am grateful. That even in my eight year old God is showing her (or at least He's showing me, I'm not sure if she realizes it yet) He can use the pain for good.

She used to be a horrible patient, not sitting still, not cooperative, refused to take medicine, refused to take her tempurature. But now she is so cooperative, so easy. I'm not saying I am grateful for her pain, or that she has had to experience it. But I am grateful for the fact that she has learned through it.

Today she is day three of staying home. Technically we could have sent her to school, the oral surgeon gave her the green light. But yesterday she was so crazy off the hook hyper that we were afraid she would overdo it and be in pain all night. Either that or she wouldn't be able to behave in class. Little did I know it was the Tylenol with codine that caused the hyper, I thought it was just because she was bored (since she's natually hyper anyway). Who knew? Okay some of you probably knew the codine could cause hyperactivity in kids but I didn't.

Yesterday, she was very swollen and still in pain, hence the need for pain meds. Today she is swollen but not in pain so no pain meds and a calmer child. She has to keep a warm washcloth on the area to help with the swelling. And she has three days of school work to do, of which she has been able to knock out two.

She's looking forward to Chuck E Cheese tomorrow since she missed the school fundraiser night. I'm pretty sure she'll be up to it, but we're still on the fence about it. Crazy kid doesn't always know her limits.

If you remember will you pray that her healing comes quickly and the swelling goes down. Also she has a sore on her lip that has been there for almost three weeks and is starting to look bad. Please pray it starts to heal too, because Monday is a few days away and I'd hate to have to take her to urgent care over the weekend if it's not urgent.


Kate said...

Praying for her sweet little heart. What an ordeal.

And I'm praying for you too, friend. This takes a toll on you, as I'm sure you already know.

Give her a kiss from me. You know..that StrangerDanger on the internet ;-)

CM said...

Poor thing. Just sent up a prayer.

Just a thought...didn't they give her antibiotics too? If so, that should take care of the sore too or at least then you know it's not an infection. Also, be careful at Chuck E. Cheese if you're having pizza, that might not be the best for her teeth. I sure hope things heal for her and this is the last of it!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Poor girl. I have had some major tooth issues. One implant so far and I was scheduled to get my back molar pulled yesterday and and implant put it but the weather was too bad. Now I get to wait until Feb. Another whole month that I don't get to chew on my side of my mouth. Great!

Tell her I'm praying for her and I'm proud of how brave she was. I will also pray for her healing of the sore on her mouth.

The Bug said...

I'm really proud of how well she's doing with all this - I would NOT have been as reasonable when I was her age.

LOVE the outdoor shots of the kids - they're really good. And I like Elisha's hair a little longer like that :)

He & Me + 3 said...

That poor little thing. I will be praying for her healing. She is so cute.