Saturday, January 28, 2012


This is gonna be a random post, filled with random facts. Hope you can keep up! :0)

Bethany is feeling fine, although we did have an emergency room visit this week. After her appointment with her oral surgeon they decided her limph nodes were swollen and suspected the thing on the lip may be a problem too. Oy! The doctors at the emergency room seemed kinda clueless, but she did get an IV and fluids for two hours that has cleared up the lip issue and brought the lymph nodes down some. Her oral surgeon continues to keep an eye on things and she's gotta go see them again in a week. So much fun...

All that to say she is back to her normal chipper self, but still has a bit of swelling her her cheek. It's slight, but still there. She also has two new antibiotics to take for the next week. Here's hoping we remember to do them every four hours.

My camera is trippin'! Seriously, it's really starting to freak out on me. As much as I have abused it I am not a bit surprised, but still it makes me sad. It up and decided it couldn't read the SD card it had in it so I put in another one which seemed to fix the problem. That is until I tried to get the pictures off of it and onto the computer. They won't transfer. I put in another card to see if it was the computer's problem, but alas the computer has no issues with the other card whatsoever. My camera is screwing up my SD cards. It also won't let me review pictures without getting stuck and needing to have the battery popped out. It's constantly asking me to reset the date. It turns off randomly just as I get the perfect focus on what I am photographing.

Woe to you dear camera! Taxes will be back soon and you will be replaced.

We celebrated National Pie day this week with a chocolate cream pie, but I can't show you that because I can't get to my pictures.

The sun has been shining lately and it's just warm enough to go without a jacket but not warm enough not to go without long sleeves. The almond trees are getting ready to bloom and I had better have my new camera before then so I can take those killer pictures I love.

Elisha is learning so much this year in basketball. There is still so much of the game he does not understand as he is not the sort of kid to sit and watch a game, but he's still loving it. Yohn and I always see things we need to show him, but then the next game rolls around and we haven't done it. Oh life, how do you pass by so quickly?

Bethany has fallen in love with her keyboard again, and she is getting really good! Her teacher says he believes she will be one of those people who hear a song and will recognize the notes and be able to play them. She plays with both hands now and likes to make up her own songs. Some of those are really enjoyable and some not so much, but it's fun to watch her go at it regardless.

I really like to build with Legos and wish I was a little better at it. But my kids like my creations and so I guess that is all the really matters, eh?

Freecycle has changed and I am undecided on whether or not I am happy about it or not. I guess I'll know in a week or two.

Guess I had better be off. Bethany is complaining that she would like lunch. The pet store needs to be visited as the guinea pigs and dogs are out of food. And I spotted a few curb alerts on Craigslist I may go and check out. Or maybe not, it just depends on how quickly we head out the door.

Have a great day all!


Andrea said...

Blessings and prayers,

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Praying for Bethany! So sorry about your camera. That would be a real tragedy in my book. Hope you are able to get it replaced soon :)

McCrakensx4 said...

just read through your posts...what a bummer about bethany. prayers coming out to you and here's hoping for a speedy, restful and painless rest of the year. and rotten luck with your camera...that happened to me years ago but still so frustrating. have a good week

The Bug said...

Must be the season for new cameras - my point & shoot's battery compartment stopped closing (we had to use a rubber band) so we got a new one for me.

Glad Bethany is on the way to being better - and that's great about the keyboard! I've started trying to practice on mine regularly, but I'm not a natural so it's slow going (even though I had 8 years of piano lessons when I was a kid).

He & Me + 3 said...

poor Bethany. I hope that she is completely healed soon. I hope that the camera fixes itself until you can replace it. Yeah for learning in Basketball. My husband is coaching my girls so they are learning a ton.

Kate said...

Poor Bethany! She's had such a rough go lately.

My point and shoot camera (Mary Beth, yes, I named her) is slowly giving out on me. I am not particularly gentle with her so it's partially my fault. She's pink and so pretty.

Did I ever tell you we had guinea pigs too? Two of them.

Miss you girl.

maddie/cadesmimi said...

I'm just now getting over here to catch up on your posts. Wow, I'm so sorry that Bethany has continued to have problems! Sending hugs and prayers your way, and hoping by now that all is well!

Oh no! You without a camera is unthinkable! Hope that tax money arrives soon :)

I'm having "issues" commenting lately, so I'm commenting under my 2nd blog instead of my first. (Kathy)