Sunday, October 19, 2014

My Daily 5 ~ #13

Miss Me? My internet was down all week due to technical difficulties. I had to wait almost a whole week for what I needed to come in. I was having withdrawals! That's actually a little bit scary when you think about it. Didn't realize I was so dependent on my internet!

I'm not going to post all of my dailies because that would be just a little crazy, so I'll pick a few of my faves from the week and that will be that. Then I'll start again (hopefully) tomorrow.

417. no work on Columbus day

 418. walkie talkies

420. hiking and caves

426. that both kids have basketball practice on the same nights this week (at the same place and time too!)

430. that Bethany is actually learning to save money

437. a quiet evening alone with Yohn

439. measuring the neighborhood with Elisha for a school project (not the project itself, but just the time with him)

445. shopping with Bethany for costume materials

(Photos from our recent camping trip)

 He's stumped... LOL!


Anonymous said...

A week with no internet? That's a long time not to be 'connected'! (How did we ever make it without the internet?!)

I enjoyed catching up with you, and, of course, I enjoyed the pictures--especially the last one of Yohn :)

The Bug said...

I think I'd lose my mind without the internet! Although we have our smart phones now, it's not the same.

I love that picture of Yohn kissing you :)

CM said...

The cave looked like fun! The last pic is the best, LOL!

Your kiddos are getting big! :-)