Saturday, January 17, 2015

Dr. Adventures

 She came home early last night from the Gym Jam our church youth puts on once a month. The kids get to go and play games, jump on bouncers, eat, play some more, hang out... you get the idea. Well, She apparently, came down the slide incorrectly (bad girl!) and rolled over her hand. It was hurting so we got her early (okay not super early, it was already 8:30). We weren't too sure if it was broken or just hurt so we opted to wait for morning and call the Saturday clinic when it opened (with our insurance if we go to emergency and it turns out not to be serious they get upset, plus we want to avoid those germs if possible).

This is her waiting for the doctor. Rest assured that the frown is fake. Despite the fact that her finger (pinky on the right hand) hurt halfway to her wrist, she was in very good spirits. The doctor said, hmmm... we'll need an x-ray, because I will not chance it. Sooo... off to the hospital non-emergency department we went (halfta have a doctor's referral for that and it's too bad cuz' I just would have started there).

After the x-ray they confirmed it was indeed fractured. A green-stick fracture to be precise. One for sure, but possibly two, it was hard to tell on the actual finger part itself. 

Now over to the actual emergency department to wait some more. We started at 10:00 this morning with her appointment. It was 3:00 when we finally got to emergency. 

But you know what! We were in and out of emergency in 1 hour! That was the quickest we waited anywhere all day. We waited an hour and fifteen minutes in the morning just to see the doctor. And see my silly girl? She's happy because she got Chik-fil-a for dinner. 

Add to all this the fact that Elisha is seeing a physical therapist for his back (tight hip flexors to be exact) after having to see the doctor on three different occasions in December. We have had some doctor adventures this past month and a half. 

AND it's not over yet! Bethany has to see an orthopedist this coming week (and we'll see how that goes) and Elisha has physical therapy scheduled for several more weeks.


The Bug said...

Goodness - that's the kind of doctor schedule that elderly me has... But with active kids I guess these things are going to happen.

OneMommy said...

Ouch! Hope she feels better soon!