Saturday, January 24, 2015

More Adventures in Doctorland

When last we left off I had explained that Bethany had broken her hand at a church event. We had pretty much spent the entire day Saturday at one form of doctor's office or another. 

The following day (Sunday) Elisha had a basketball game, and I had forgotten my camera and so was stuck, much to my chagrin, taking pictures with my cell phone. Boo!

Turns out it really didn't matter, because after the first minute of the game he had to ask to be taken out of the game. His left knee had started popping each time he bent it and by the end of the game his knee was swollen up like a grapefruit.

Back to the doctor's again on Monday, which happened to be Martin Luther King Jr. Day and we were supposed have the day off. Instead we enjoyed the day together waiting to get his knee x-rayed. Family time at its greatest I tell ya!

They are so funny, both were in a lot of pain last weekend and yet, every picture has a happy smile. Gotta love my kids! They really did have great attitudes in the midst of all this, for that there is so much to be thankful for.

No broken bones in that ole' knee. I'm told it could just be soft tissue damage and few weeks with some rest may make him good as new. Still, since they don't know what caused it he has an appointment to ortho too and we're just waiting for that day to see if there is an "official" diagnosis.

He still went to physical therapy for his back on Friday and at first the guy looked at me like I was crazy for even bringing him in, considering everything he works on involves the knees. But Elisha still got a little work out in and some tips on what he can still do while all laid up. 

Today (Saturday, nearly a week later) he is able to put a little weight on it, although he says it hurts to straighten it. Spending all day every day indoors is driving him crazy though and he cannot wait to just be able to walk around a little bit.

Waiting to finally see orthopedics, she declared this the best room ever! All because of a giraffe picture on the wall. It's the little things that make us the happiest, LOL!

Bethany finally got to see the orthopedist for her final diagnosis. Fractured pinky, in the hand area on her right hand. There is a clear fracture there where she experiences the most pain. Also possibly another one near the knuckle in the growth plate, as she has some pain there as well. Everything is clean and in place though and the doctor is not too concerned about the one in the growth plate as it is minor. She'll have the cast for about four weeks and then will have to do some exercises to get it back to normal again. 

She is lamenting the fact that she had just started playing the saxophone and now it'll have to take a back seat for a while. And it's a lot harder to write, but thankfully her schoolwork is mostly done on the computer, so it makes it just a tad easier in that regard. Not like when I broke my wrist when I was 13 and either had to have someone else write for me or try to keep up with the class writing left handed.

The day before Bethany broke her hand a teacher at our school fell and broke her hand too. She came in Friday to see everyone and Bethany saw her and wanted to show her cast off too. Crazy, interesting, long weekend that moved into the week. Whew! 

Now, on to next week when Elisha sees the orthopedist and his physical therapist for an update..


The Bug said...

Goodness! Glad Bethany's break isn't TOO bad. Sorry about the saxophone though...

Anonymous said...

You certainly have been spending more than your fair share of time with the medical establishment, haven't you?

Hoping and praying both kiddos will soon be healed and back to all regular activities :)