Saturday, January 10, 2015

Kool New Year Photos

We started a little tradition a few years back to take fun family photos on New Year's Day. But this year due to "technical" difficulties we didn't get to take our pictures on the first day of the year. But at least that didn't stop us from having fun today!

I was setting up the camera and the kids were clowning around. When Bethany saw this later she said, "What am I doing?! I look like I'm singing some kind of song!"

Still doing camera set up and he thought I was photographing him. So I did!

1st attempt... I didn't realize the Kool Aid pitcher was in the picture because I couldn't see it on the screen. Don't know how I thought I wouldn't be. But it gives our pictures a bit of character I think.

Second attempt... a little better.

This picture looks like fun but Yohn misunderstood what I wanted him to do and starting pouring Kool Aid everywhere while trying to get it in the glasses. A second later and my face would have been much angrier. Actually I think I just started to ask him what he was doing when the picture snapped.

Love this candid of the three of them while I was setting the timer.

Silly toast, was supposed to all be facing in but the kids and Yohn looked at the camera. When I did Yohn looked down. So many laughs.

Enjoying some kid ideas.

Kool Aid mustaches!

Hope everyone has a Kool New Year! Oh Yeah!


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Cute pics and fun tradtion! Happy New Year :)

The Bug said...

Those are so much fun! I like the pitcher in the foreground - it's a fun detail :)