Saturday, May 8, 2010

Project 365 (#56 - #62)

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Sunday ~ #56/365

I realized recently that I never finished Elisha's photobook from last baseball season and now this one only has a few more weeks left. It was time to get crackin'!

Monday ~ #57/365

Elisha works on his poster for his presentation on Giant Pandas for school.

Tuesday ~ #58/365

Another night at the ball fields. This was a re-scheduled game. Elisha did well at second base and center field, but struck out both times at bat. Unfortunately this would become a pattern for him for the rest of the week :(

Wednesday ~ #59/365

The Indians regularly scheduled game ended with them losing by only 1 point in the sixth inning! They played so hard though, we were actually really surprised we lost, but such is life when you play sports.

Thursday ~ #60/365

This is Bethany's team after her game during the coaches' speech about how the game went and who got the game ball. I managed to get all nine girls in the shot after about 4 times trying. Bethany is on the far left.

Friday ~ #61/365

Bethany could not wait for Mother's Day and presented me with this adorable mini bird house the second I walked through the door on Friday night.

Saturday ~ #62/365

Bethany crosses home plate for the first time on her Saturday game. She had two close calls in which a little girl on the opposing team almost tagged her out. Once when she had to run from second and third and said she heard their coaches yelling "Tag her! Tag her!" and she said she "ran as speedy as I could!" and then a second time when she came off of second (but didn't have to run) and the little girl at pitcher turned and came after her. With a smile on her face she dodged her and ran back to second.

Another week gone, another one to look forward to! Check out Sara's blog to see what everyone else has been up to this week!


He & Me + 3 said...

Great baseball pictures. I love the one of the team. Very cool. Sorry about the strike outs. No fun. What a beautiful bird house. Bethany did a great job. I always get my mother's day gifts early too:)
Happy Mother's Day.

Kim said...

Busy week! Or maybe every week is like this? :-) Great photos; you're doing a fabulous job documenting your year!

Happy Mother's Day!

McCrakensx4 said...

What a cool idea about the photobooks! Too bad my hard drive crashed last fall and I lost all of my pics for 2 years before! I should do it now though! And love the bird house..what a nice gift! Hope you have a magical Mother's Day!!

Shannon said...

I love baseball season. The popcorn, the sunshine, the girls chanting their softball songs. It's so much fun!

sara said...

great pictures this week and I love the story of your daughter....brought back many memories of my own playing softball. she used to love to taunt the pitchers while at 2nd!

Happy Mother's day!

Tori said...

What a great birdhouse! She did an awesome job. Love all the ball pics. We had a lot of cancelled games this week due to weather.
Have a super week!!

Michelle said...

Wow! Another busy busy week of baseball! I love all the girls in the one shot. Sounds like Elisha is doing really well on the defensive, but needs to work on his offensive. He works hard though, so he'll get there.

Gary did the same thing on Friday. He was actually in trouble (again) for not getting his school work done, and he gave me one of his mothers day gifts to me. Probably in hopes that it would get him off the hook, but it didn't!

Unknown said...

We have a county park just a few short step from our house. The hubs and I walk in the evenings and we get to enjoy all the little ball players and all the enthusiastic parental cheering on from he side lines.

My favorite are the pee wee football player with there tiny little bodies and the great big helmet's! They are just to cute!


Rita said...

Those are wonderful baseball pictures! So colorful!
Looks like you had a great week!

Angie said...

Great ball pics. I enjoyed the one of your daughter crossing the plate. That's my favorite!

Thought the bird feeder was adorable. I love how much they put their heart into homemade gifts. So sweet. Hope your Mother's Day was a good one.

riTa Koch said...

Grrrreat photos.
You turn every day family events into art.
I was reminded that I haven't made it to any of the grandboys games yet. Well, I tried once, but it was cancelled.

The Davidson Den said...

Beautiful baseball pictures this week! Just beautiful! I LOVE the one in the dugout!

sanjeet said...

What a great birdhouse! She did an awesome job. Love all the ball pics
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