Friday, February 25, 2011

Nine Years Old

He is nine years old today. Wow.
Dear Elisha,
In some ways I can't believe today is here, but then again I can. You've grown and changed and matured a lot, I almost can't imagine you being any younger and while I miss your small-self, I love who you are becoming. You try so hard to do the right thing and don't like when others choose not to. You work hard to get good grades at school, help others when they ask, are saddened when you hear of injustices in the world. You have a heart for God and want what He wants for you. You are quick to pray for others and your trust in God amazes me at times. You are you! And while I wish at times I could re-wind time once in a while and keep you small, I love who you are becoming and that is the person I enjoy being around. Your Dad and I are so proud of you!
Love you and have a great birthday son!


The Bug said...

Happy birthday Elisha! You sure are a cutie!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Elisha!

Unknown said...

Happy happy birthday Elisha!!! You will love being 9! I know you are a wonderful blessing to all who cross your path. Keep growing in Christ and you can't go wrong. I hope you had a great birthday.

riTa Koch said...

Wow, that was beautiful!
I hope your birthday celebration was as special as you are!
I read your Mom's letter and it reminded me of my grandsons closest to 9 years.