Saturday, February 19, 2011

Project 365 (#335 - #341)

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Sunday ~ #335/365

Bethany outgrew her cleats and had to have new ones for this softball season. She wanted me to take pictures of them.

Monday ~ #336/365

Happy Birthday Harmony!
My niece's birthday is on Valentine's day and her mom asked if I could take pictures of her with the almond tree in the background.

We also did our annual Build a Bear trip, in which Teddy and Princess get to pick out new clothes.

You can check out more of our Valentine's adventure if you want by clicking right here.

Tuesday ~ #337/365

Ordered another free canvas from the Canvas People.
I only had to pay shipping!

Wednesday ~ #338/365

What I really wanted a picture of was the way the clouds looked in the night sky. But, alas they did not turn out. So I practiced shooting on manuel mode and got a sorta decent picture of the moon instead.

Thursday ~ #339/365

It's been raining here on and off since Sunday night, but it really let loose on Thursday. I took this picture hunched under my umbrella with my camera low to the ground. It's not quite what I had in mind, but I like it anyways.

Friday ~ #340/365

Every time Elisha pulls that blanket over him he falls asleep. I may just do a post about it one day soon :)

Saturday ~ #341/365

Bethany's music teacher encouraged her to write her own song, since she loves to show him new melodies each week. She usually has them memorized (short term) but he wanted her to write them down so she won't loose that ability or those fun songs from these early years of keyboard lessons.

Baseball/Softball season officially has begun and we had two practices this week at the batting cages due to the rain. Be prepared, if next week is a bit nicer I may have lots of ball pictures to share. Or not, cuz' I might think that's a little over the top. Now I'm off to Sara's blog to see what everyone else has been up to this week. Ta, Ta!


McCrakensx4 said...

Great week! Loving her new cleats...we will begin our baseball season in 3 short weeks and both boys will be needing new cleats...ack! We had rain this weekend (and cold bbbrrr!). Colin is like that too...he falls asleep anywhere with no prob with a special blanket...did if Friday night on the living room floor!

Mimi said...

The rain picture looks great & your niece looks so pretty. Love the Build-A-Bear tradition.

Have a blessed week,

Kim said...

That is a very cool rain photo! Like the moon shot too -- you're the third one with a moon photo that I've seen so far today :)
Love hearing about family traditions -- the bear one sounds very cool!
Lots of great photos!

CM said...

The bears are so adorable, that's cool that they still love them up. They will have them forever, I bet.

The "silly song" reminded me of Bob and Larry from Veggie Tales!

That One Girl said...

Aww! I would love to start a B-A-B tradition, but we don't have one around here. :-( The closest one is about 2 hours away. I imagine that we COULD do something like that but, that's quite a long drive! LOL

sara said...

Life at the field has begun, eh? i sure miss those days!!!

sweet picture of your boy sleeping!

riTa Koch said...

Where is it raining so much?
Your almost tree is such a beautiful backdrop. You could start charging for photo sessions.
I went and looked at all your photos in the previous post. Great!
Good practice for the future songwriter ;) Is Bethany headed to Nashville? :)

The Bug said...

Ooh - I like your moon shot a lot - very atmospheric. That blanket looks REALLY comfy - I'd probably fall asleep too!

Amy said...

i think your rain picture looks great, and the canvas turned out super cool!!

Wylie @ Shout A Joyful Noise! said...

Precious pics!! Looks like a great week. And we LOVE Build A Bear!!! So fun...

Lori said...

great pictures. I love the close up of the cleats and the rain picture came out really cool

Anonymous said...

Ah...I love the photo of Elisha sleeping. I think I understand about the blanket looks soft and cozy :)

He & Me + 3 said...

What an awesome music teacher to encourage that. Very cool. Love the new cleats and the rain picture. Fun fun fun at build a bear. i want a canvas too!

Unknown said...

Those bears are so cute! I like the rain picture. What a great week!

Unknown said...

What sweet children, that blanket picture is priceless!

Miss those days, sometimes...

blessing and have a great weeek!

Unknown said...

Oh and I really liked the rain picture too!

Rebecca Jo said...

I love the rain picture... very cool!!!

Also love the moon... manual mode is fun to play with!

I'm impressed that Bethany can write her music out... that's very talented!!!

Rebecca Jo said...

I love the rain picture... very cool!!!

Also love the moon... manual mode is fun to play with!

I'm impressed that Bethany can write her music out... that's very talented!!!

Happy Birthday to Harmony!!!


Love your moon shot. Our moon was in a cloudless sky so it looks like a ball on black. Love the new cleats. I used to love getting new ones when I played softball. Love the Build A Bear tradition too. Too fun.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

So softball season is in full swing now. Hope you all have a great season! Wonderful pics :)

Amy said...

Yep baseball is in full bloom around our house too. Love that sleeping kidlet picture...too precious, I am the same way give be a blanket and say good night!!

Kate said...

I love taking the children to BAB and cry everytime they jump up and down to jump-start the heart.

Love, love, LOVE your pics!

The Davidson Den said...

My kids have always wanted to do Build-a-Bear. I've sort of put it off. I think the whole process overwhelms me a little. Maybe I'll have to take one kiddo at a time! LOL!

That blanket does look cozy......