Monday, May 9, 2011

Baseball/Softball Chronicles ~ April 18th - 23rd

Tuesday, April 19th

The Cubs vs. The Rays

Bethany has been fairly consistent on hitting off of the coach this season (in the level she plays at she gets pitched to from a kid pitcher first and if they throw three balls then the coach can pitch however many strikes the child has left).

This would have been a great picture had I had my camera on. Bethany slip in between the catchers legs to get home safely. It was a great play and I missed it! I managed to get this shot after the catcher had walked away.

I forgot to mention that the Rays are Harmony's team and at this point they were undefeated. Bethany was determined to hit a pitch off of Harmony and she did, too bad it was a foul ball. It was the first time she hit off of a kid pitcher.

This game was a nail biter the whole time. Sadly the Cubbies did not finish with the win.

Final Score: Cubs 12, Rays 13

Wednesday, April 20th

The A's vs. The Cardinals

It was cold, windy and dark this game so unfortunately this is the only good shot of my boy I got while sitting in the score keeper box. It was also a very fast paced game and I can't take a lot of photos and keep track of the umpire at the same time.

Elisha did okay, playing the outfield the whole game, but being right where he needed to be when he needed to be there. Our coach caught a kid leaving the base before the ball crossed the plate (a big no no) which resulted in an out. The funny thing was it was only the second out and he thought it was the third and called our boys in. The other coach called his boys in too (with a boy on first and third) which left me totally confused. How did I miss the third out? I called the ump over and he said he only had three outs too but the coach pulled his boys off of the field too late now. Just before starting the inning the Cards coach caught it and asked me what was up. Thankfully the umpire (gotta love 'em sometimes) asked him why he didn't know how many outs his team had. I really thought I'd hear about it later since his daughter plays on the same team as Bethany.

Final Score: A's 5, Cardinals 8

Saturday, April 23rd

The A's vs. The Yankees

Grandma Yvonne came to watch today's games bringing with her Easter goodies.

Last day score keeping for Elisha's team so this is the pic I got this time (It gets better once I'm outta the scorekeeper box so bare with me). *Sigh* Not much to say about this game. Several of our good batters didn't even touch the ball or get on base today, Elisha included.

Final Score: A's 2, Yankees 9

The Cubs vs. The Tigers

I know I already posted this pic on my 365 a few weeks back but I love the action in it. I really don't think it needs much explainin'.

Bethany got another chance to play the in field, although I am a bit surprised she was allowed to stay there. Let's just say her gram gave her just a bit too much sugar (unbeknownst to me) and well, she was more than her already normal hyper self.

But she did chase every ball that came any where near her, and even a ton that did not :)

And loved being a part of the in field huddle.

Our umpire got hit in the head from a bad pitch and suffered a mild concussion and had to be taken from the game. We had a coach ump the rest of our game.

Final Score: Cubs 13, Tigers 8


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Looks like a fun season!

Anonymous said...

Fun photos! I can't believe the umpire got a mild concussion, wow.
Grandma's are notorious for slipping that sugar to the "grands", aren't they? In our case it's the grandpa doing the slippin'! LOL

Strange weather here, too...

H-Mama said...

such great shots. i'm lovin' the pink in her helmet. too cute.

CM said...

Oh my goodness, you had some eventful games! Hope the umpire is okay.

Way fun pics, your kids are so cute in their uniforms. Sprout starts baseball this summer, I'm so excited!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

That action shot of Bethany is just so awesome!!!

Rachel said...

Is it bad that I was stunned a bit that the ump was put on the DL? Just WOW!

(Okay, now it would be so funny if it didn't sound so painful!)

Our kiddo is in his first year of t-ball, and I'm looking forward to more coach pitch! How much fun your kids look like they're having!