Monday, May 23, 2011

Baseball/Softball Chronicles ~ May 2nd - 7th

Monday, May 2nd

The A's vs. The Red Sox

I wasn't able to be at this game due to Life Group, but Yohn was able to take him. Unfortunately he did not take the camera so we got no pictures. Elisha hit a ball in field which eventually resulted in him scoring a point. That's the second time this season he actually hit the ball and didn't get walked and I missed it yet again.

Final Score: They couldn't remember, but the A's lost by a point.

Wednesday, May 4th

The Cubs vs. The Rays

Bethany and Harmony's teams face off again. We haven't had many hot days this year, but this was one of them. It was in the 90's even at 5:30 when the game started. The problem with the girls' field is there is no shade for the spectators so I spent most of the time huddled up in the shade of the scorekeeper box. Can you tell Bethany is just a bit too hot?

Harmony on third. The girl rarely strikes out. Although next year there is no coach pitch so she's gonna have to learn how to hit off of the kid pitchers and not rely on the coach to come in. Still, when she hits them, she really nails them!

Bethany had a great hitting game! Even hitting off of the kid pitcher again this time around.

And yes, she's not afraid of sliding, even with her socks pushed down and her pants pulled up.

It's times like this when I wonder why her coach lets her play the in field. I also pray she does not get hurt!

One of the coaches promised Slurpees for the big win from Saturday and this one the PERFECT game for them. You can see from the picture and her rosy red cheeks and her wet stringy hair that she was sweaty.

Final Score: Cubs 13, Rays 14 (They barely pulled off the win)

Friday, May 6th

The Cubs vs. The Orioles

(continuation of the game from April 7th)

I love this picture...

This game was so odd. Since it hailed on us on April 7th we had to start where we left off. Bottom of the second, one girl on third, no outs and our batter had one strike and one ball against her. It felt so weird to start like that. Oh and the Orioles had 3 points and we had zippo.

While it looks so nice and sun shiney out it was soo cold. The warm temps we had on Wednesday gave way to cooler temps and on this particular evening it was in the 50's with a biting wind. In the end the Cubs couldn't overcome where we started from. The oddest part was this game lasted as long as a regular game, even though we started in the bottom of the second.

Final Score: Cubs 11, Orioles 16

The A's vs. The Cubs

Getting a little instruction from the coach...

Elisha had a game the same night as Bethany's make up game so we were running back and forth between the two fields all evening long.

If I remember correctly Elisha didn't make it to base one time tonight, but he had some mad skills in the outfield. Backing up first, second and third in the different positions. The boys did great pushing the Cubs to play hard. The Cubs are the number one team in the minor league, and the A's have not played as good as they did this night all season long.

Final Score: A's 7, Cubs 7

(yep, they tied them, the sun went down ending the game before there could be an official winner)

Saturday, May 7th

The Cubs vs. The Tigers

Back at the fields bright and early the next day. This game was a very "tumbly" game for both teams. What I mean by that is there were a lot of girls hitting the ground today. We had one girl trip over a bat and roll across home plate. Their girl slid into third wrong falling over the top of the base. Their catcher tripped over her untied shoe laces and landed hard on her shoulder. But the one that took the cake (and no, it was not Bethany)...

was when one of the girls was hitting off of the coach pitcher who happened to be her mom. She hit a great ball to the third baseman who caught it, then ever so slowly dropped it. The girl and her mom only saw the catch and started walking back to the dug out. Meanwhile, we're all shouting for her to Run! Run! third base dropped the ball! When the coach realized what had happened she shouted, "Oh my goodness! Run!" and shoved her daughter to the ground by accident. Amazingly enough, the girl was able to get up and still make it to first base safely. But she certainly gave her mom a scolding when she got back to the dug out. :)

Goooo Cubs!!!!

Final Score: Cubs 13, Tigers 14


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Wow, looks like the weather has been as interesting there as it is here. I can't imagine doing baseball in the spring in Eastern OR. We've really been getting a lot of rain lately as I'm sure you're parents have reported, too.

He & Me + 3 said...

I'm sorry I just forgot everything else I was going to say because I am cracking up at the mom shoving her girl to the ground. LOL Too funny. There are a lot of wipe outs in soccer :)

Rachel said...

I am dying at the mom who pushed the player on accident! I'm with Mimi, still cracking up!

Michelle said...

I was trying to comment yesterday, but blogger wouldn't let me! Lets see if it,will behave today!

Michelle said...

Woo Hoo! It works again!

Ok, first, I've been a terrible blogger lately and I'm sorry. Second, I LOVE the new header!!

I can't tell you how much I enjoy hearing about the kids softball and baseball! Poor Bethany looks so hot in that first game. Both the kids are looking older too. Is that still aloud?

McCrakensx4 said...

Great job with your season...with so many games I have been slacking with my baseball diaries. Having 2 kids on 2 different teams is so hard. Love the pic of B at bat with the ball right there...great shot!