Sunday, July 31, 2011

Our 2011 Summer Vacation ~ Part 4

Today we had lunch with an unexpected visitor. Ken happened to be passing through town on his way back home to Washington. We haven't seen him since he moved away two years ago, so it was a nice surprise.

After lunch we went to the park.

Elisha made friends with a boy about his age, and Bethany who usually makes friends so easily actually stuck pretty close by.

She did actually play with another little girl for a time, but then the other girl had to go home. So for a while it was her and her daddy, and that was okay with her.

Crazy kids actually had her hair flying straight out but I wasn't quick enough with the camera. She loved but couldn't last too long.

We splashed in the river some, but couldn't let them swim because the current was too fast. With all the rain it was up a bit higher than usual when we normally come for a visit.

We took some opportunities for family photos...

Look I'm in a picture too! :0)

And leaped off of the fence several times.

Okay so Elisha and Yohn jumped off the fence while Bethany watched and I took pictures. Apparently fence jumping is not Bethany's thing.

The kids actually requested these photos and posed themselves for them.

I love the fence and the blue sky in the background!


Anonymous said...

These are some of my "Most Favorite" photos that you've published. The family love shines through in each one of them! You will treasure these memories more than you know :)

Kate said...

Love your header! Love the pics with B!

My kids love that spinning thing and always want Ian to spin them. Then all sorts of kids show up and he spins them all. One day one kid went flying off so we had to leave in a hurry.
*kid was fine!

Sister, we need each other! said...

I featured your tip and a link to your blog in my post today... check it out: