Monday, November 14, 2011

Gifts Given to Me...

1. watching Elisha's team and smiling at how much they have to learn

2. a nice evening at home with my family

3. my children's laughter

4. when my girl climbs up in my lap

5. writing down my gifts

6. Bethany's excitement over being invited to play the xylophone in the school Christmas program

7. sleepy kids who fall asleep watching a movie

8. the kitten who is forever being "mauled" by my children

9. friends

10. Elisha being excited about basketball practice

11. leading my lifegroup

12. feeling God's hand in my life

13. teasing my husband :)

14. listening to Bethany play the xylophone

15. snuggling under a blanket

16. whispering children who should be asleep

17. a sleepy child who falls asleep under clean clothes

18. having a day off from work

19. having time just Yohn and I

20. free pizza

21. joking and laughing with my husband

22. being able to watch Elisha's game

23. Elisha's excitement over getting a steal and a rebound

24. grocery shopping with my girl

25. laughing at her insistence she have red apples

26. laughing at the fact that she couldn't wait to get home to eat one and had the lady at the Starbucks wash it off for her

27. putting together a puzzle with her

28. chocolately smiles


Anonymous said...

That's a nice list :)

PS That cat doesn't look like he minds being mauled...LOL

CM said...

It's great being thankful for those everyday moments.

The kitty looks like a baby tiger cub in that picture!

where there is always love said...

I love the picture of Elisha under the clean clothes...
Your kitten looks bigger then mine.. It must be the picture.
I love your list.

Kate said...

I never get tired of looking at pictures of sleeping children. And your kitten is so cute too :-)

laughwithusblog said...

Now how do you get them to fall asleep like that? lol Oh that looks like one happy kitty!