Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Costumed Kiddos

I shopped online for the kiddos costumes this year, which may have saved me a few $$, or not. I'm not really sure. I do know that I hate going into the stores to look because more than likely my kids pick a costume that they don't have available in their size. Shopping online meant we could look at costumes from home and they could decide what they wanted without feeling like they had to choose something just because it was in their size. I loved their costumes this year. Definitely something they will play in later.

Fake muscles and all this boy was a force to be reconned with!

The gloves were designed to be worn just like boxing gloves or to be worn around the wrists so it looked like he had gloves on but could still trick or treat. He opted not to do this as they were kind of irritating this way. Still, you know he's gonna have fun with them later!

Look at this and tell me, is this not just perfect for her?! I couldn't believe she chose this to begin with but it definitely goes with Bethany. She loves to be herself. She loved this costume too. Too bad that darn crown kept braking. I'm gonna have to find a solution so she can play with it sometimes. It got us through pictures and a few visits to people who counted before we retired it to the car to keep from carrying it around.

The weather was perfect. Not too cold, and no rain, not a cloud in the sky.

Of all things this kid went and did she caught a lizard early on in our trick or treating excursion. First she scared the woman, whose house she caught it at and who told her to please keep it. Then she told every single house (at least 15) in between then and her decision to finally let it go. Crazy kid.

We had so much fun trick or treating this year. We took Harmony and Elisha's friend A and the kids were perfect together. It cracked me up though how A kept trying to keep up with Bethany. Uh yeah, when there's trick or treating to do, you'll never beat her to the door!

The best part of trick or treating to Bethany though is to be able to give all that candy away to her friends (who I realize, don't need it) and her teachers. She's got such a giving spirit and enjoys making others smile!


Anonymous said...

I love their costumes! You are right, Bethany makes a great Statue of Liberty :) and Elisha looks like a natural in his boxing outfit! Funny!

Michelle said...

What great costumes! I love them. How funny that she caught a lizard though.

I hope all is going well! :)

Amanda said...

Those are so great!!! Your kids are the cutest. :)