Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Day Supergirl Learned She Couldn't Fly

This post is alternately titled, "I Can Relate to Humpty Dumpty."

Why? you say. Well even though I don't resemble an egg and I don't break into a million pieces when I fall, it still hurts, as I am sure it hurt poor Humpty.

Anyways, on with the story. It was Halloween day and it was also costume day at the school. I was wearing this, hence the Supergirl reference.

The preschoolers were getting ready to do their costume parade and realized I had forgotten the extra batteries for my camera. When I went to get them I was distracted by something I had to tell one of the teachers. After telling them their oh so important message I headed back to the preschool. Upon reaching the gate I realized a second time I still hadn't gotten the batteries. So needing to hurry I jet out of the gate in front of the preschool and snag my shoelace on the gate.

Now since I am a "double knot girl" my shoelace did not give.... meaning it held steadfast just the way it was supposed to. Remember I said I was going to "jet out of the gate"? Yeah, that really didn't work for me with my shoe snagged on the gate and all. So as I sailed through the air I hear one of the kindergarteners say, "Ms. Ruth is trying to fly like Supergirl!" Uh yeah, right into the pavement. I was told later though, that I was very Supergirl-like just before I hit the ground. Nice. At least I had the form down.

It gets worse though. As I hit the ground I know that I just did this wonderful flying act not only in front of the kindergarteners AND my son AND his classmates who were also at recess, but also his teacher and a parent who was outside waiting for the preschoolers to do their costume parade.

Yeah, nice huh? A week later and one knee is still bruised. The other is healed and thankfully my hands really didn't get much of a beating.

Even in all that pain and embarrassment I rolled over on the concrete and laughed, because what else was there to do? I learned two things that day.... Supergirl really can't fly so well and Humpty Dumpty must've really been stupid to be on that wall.

And I still tie my shoes in double knots.


The Bug said...

Ooh a cautionary tale! I tie my shoes in double knots too, but they unravel throughout the day so who knows what would have happened to me :)

Glad you're feeling better! And too bad there aren't pics. Ha!

drawingcloser said...

Babe the way you told that story was great like a gifted writer! I love you my double knot girl!

CM said...

LOL! That is too funny! Well, at least you can take it all in stride. You guys look cute in your matching outfits...what cool parents!

He & Me + 3 said...

Oh my gosh. You poor thing. That would not have happened to my soccer girl. She is always the one on the field with her shoes untied. I hope all heals soon and you feel better again.

Kim @ Homesteader's Heart said...

Oh you poor thing. I'll have to tell you about my most embarrassing moment in front of my school peers, one day. You will come to find out that I can COMPLETELY relate to what happened to you that day. LOL!
Thanks for sharing with all the world. Ha! Ha!

Anonymous said...

I once did a "swan dive" at school, too. I was taking a short cut to my classroom when some rocks slipped under my shoe, and I went rolling down the hill... just like Jack and Jill! I don't think anybody saw me, but I bruised myself up pretty good...I learned to use the sidewalk, too :)