Sunday, November 27, 2011

Counting These Gifts Given to Me...

No pictures again this week... but I really liked doing it and plan to rectify this next week!

1. the way the kids interact with their friends

2. the stillness of the clouds

3. silly voices coming from the other room (and being thankful they are getting along!)

4. praying for our sponsored children and the ones who will received our Operation Christmas Child boxes

5. hot meals

6. seasonal crafts

7. listening to a small child in daycare break out in song during each puzzle we put together

8. being off work

(obviously this is not the same day as #7)

9. watching the wind blow the leaves off of the trees

10. Groupons to Sky High!

11. the kids excitement over their surprise

(going to Sky High)

12. being able to hear

(we saw deaf people signing to each other while at Sky High)

13. $15.00 gift card to Food Maxx

14. making pumpkin cream pie with the kids

15. listening to Elisha and Yohn play Ready 2 Rumble

16. playing Othello with Bethany

17. Bethany's excitement over being able to (almost) play "This Old Man" on her keyboard

18. letting the kids sleep in the living room and the "Hurrays!" it gets

19. sleeping late

20. knowing that MIL has the Thanksgiving meal covered

21. playing games with the family

22. watching football

(we don't have cable or satellite or anything besides a DVD player so this is a treat)

23. the kids playing with their grandma

24. safe travel

(even though we didn't go far)

25. hearing Bethany play her recorder and her keyboard at the same time

26. reading a book

27. the colors of the leaves

28. getting free camp chairs from Craigslist

29. the smell of ham cooking

30. putting up the Christmas tree

(although it still has to be decorated, at least we got it up!)

31. watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas together

32. scoring a great deal on Shutterfly

(3 photo calendars for only $15.00!)

Now what about you?


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the great deal from Shutterfly. I love making projects there!

Hope your Thanksgiving was a good one--and that we both get our Christmas trees decorated soon :)

drawingcloser said...

For a wife that's beautiful inside and out!

where there is always love said...

I love your gifts... I need help with shutterfly. I know I am so

Rachel said...

We prayed for our Operation Christmas Child kids too! I believe God divinely directs those boxes :)

So cool you saw people signing at Sky High. You'd think I'd have learned to be grateful about the senses I do have, but I forget about the deafness sometimes and seeing a blind person just humbles me.

What a great list of blessings!

H-Mama said...

great lists, girlie! among many things, i'm also thankful for silly voices that are getting along. ;)

Memoirs of Me & Mine said...

Shutterfly is fun.
Wonderful list!