Monday, January 2, 2012


The kids stayed the night with a friend last night and all day today Lynx walked around the house crying and looking for someone to pay attention to him. They drive him crazy when they are home and he hides from them a lot. But when they are not here, then he can't stand it. I wonder what he'll be doing tomorrow when we all go back to the school/work routine and no one will really be around much?


Kate said...

Our dog is like this. He cries and mopes around when the children aren't home. Sad.

Anonymous said...

Hello, and Happy New Year! I've been over here catching up on what's been going on with you and your family.

It looks like you had a nice Christmas, and I especially loved Bethany's birthday cake for Jesus. I like that tradition, and wish we'd done it.

Congrats on getting chosen for the free tickets to Six Flags. What a great "after Christmas" present!

I'll bet Lynx is very lonely today with no kids around and no Christmas tree to play in...poor kitty! LOL

I, too, always forget and leave some decorations out of the box--every year! You'd think I'd learn to check twice...

CM said...

That is adorable!

Kim @ Homesteader's Heart said...

Awww...poor thing. I think you should set up a secret video to see EXACTLY what he does when you all aren't there. LOL!
Have a great day!