Saturday, August 10, 2013

Friends and Animals

And no, I am not implying that our friends are animals... just wanted to clarify :)

We visited some friends this year that we haven't seen in years! They had a lot of fun stuff for the kids to look at.

Sadly, I cannot remember the names of these swords. I'll bet you know though, huh Jackie

Yohn had fun playing with them too.

Old guns are also a great thing to pose with. No worries it's not loaded.

There was a fish rescue that took place in the backyard pond. Apparently this little fish had accidentally gotten caught in some fishing line used to tie down the plants. No telling how long he was there before Bethany spotted him. The kids were very interested in the whole rescuing process.

This little dog is an old fellow, and had a love/hate relationship with Bethany. He didn't really like her to touch him until he got scolded then suddenly she was his best friend, hopping right onto her lap to avoid further trouble. :)

This turtle's name is Tippy and she used to belong to me when I was a teen. I gave her to a young teen just before Yohn and I got married. That girl is now an adult and married herself and still has my turtle.


And didn't you know that squinty eyes and cheesy grins always make for the best pictures. ;0)

They always enjoyed getting a chance to feed the babies.

All of the babies.

And the big animals too.

No my camera lens was not dirty, the barn is that dusty. Although afterwards my camera lens was that dirty.


Amy said...

Thanks for the comment on my "oil post". That's a great idea! I don't have time right now either *sigh* but I'll try to get on later this afternoon and tag them or set up a sidebar like you suggested. Thanks!!!

The Bug said...

I think my mom would have been terrified if my brother & I had swords like that. We mostly loved each other, but there were days... :)

Anonymous said...

Your friends house looks like a fun place to visit.
Wow, your turtle is enjoying a long and happy life :)