Thursday, August 29, 2013

She's 10

My baby is ten today. Well, maybe by the time you read this it will actually be tomorrow, but right now it's still technically her birthday, especially since technically she joined the world at 7:58 pm on this day ten years ago.

We had her party on Saturday, which I'll post about later since I am oh so behind on this here bloggin' anyway. Although if you're around here much you're probably figured out I was behind since I'm still throwing in posts from our vacation at the beginning of July. Ah well, only so much time to give to bloggin'.

She had to have a picture with the pup who soon won't really be able to be called a pup anymore either. They grow so fast these kiddos and puppies. :)

Cupcakes in classroom. It might be the last year for it since she is in fifth grade and next year might not want us to pop in with treats for friends. You just never know though. At this point Elisha is insisting we will still come for his birthday in February.

(oh and I'll be posting first day of school/back to school photos too soon I hope. You didn't miss it, I promise)

She chose dinner at Chik Fil A this year. Of all the choices... ah well, she is only a child once and will probably look back on this fondly.

We played her new Simon game right there in the restaurant!

Elisha's gift to her. It was too big to take inside with us, LOL!

Birthday money from her party well spent at Toys R Us.

My Beautiful Child,

I can't believe how fast the past ten years have flown by! You've looked forward to being ten for some time now as you watched your brother gain some independence with the maturity being ten brings. Although I will caution you not to wish it away. Some day you'll realize just how quickly time flies, and how much easier it was to be this young. 

It is our prayer that you keep your eyes focused on the Lord and always be you. I know you have already ran into a few people who have tried to convince you to be something that you are not and have boldly resisted. I pray you will always find the courage to stand up for what is right, even when everyone around you is not. " justice, love mercy, walk humbly with your God..." Micah 6:8 (and a favorite verse from the song Courageous). 

You are such a wonderful part of our lives and I am so thankful to be your mom. Your dad and I couldn't be prouder of you! 


Mom and Dad

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4 Lettre Words said...

Looks like it was a fantastic 10th birthday! Bittersweet, isn't it?

The Bug said...

Happy birthday to your girl! What a cutie. And that’s my favorite verse too :)

Anonymous said...

Belated Happy Birthday to Bethany! She's growing into a beautiful young lady, right before my eyes :)

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Happy birthday, Bethany! Hailey got that same Lego set for her birthday and loves it. Great letter, Ruth!