Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Oh, That Day

This was one of my favorite days at Wallowa Lake. There was a lot of funny stories from this day.

As you can see it was back to the lake for us. But we had to check out of our little "home" first and would you believe for only staying there two nights it certainly felt like it took forever to get all packed and cleaned up. We took a picnic lunch and enjoyed the sunshine.

Bethany was back at it with the logs, this time choosing one she had her eye on the day before. It was stuck in some reeds but she decided today that she would go and get it.

After Daddy helped her move it to the area she wanted to play in she and Elisha floated on it like a boat. This went on for a long time. On again and off again as the log tipped and shifted with their weight. At one point Elisha ran off to chase the geese in the background of this picture and Bethany ended with some teenage copy cats trying to ride another log next to her.

They were having a great time until the teenagers had to leave.

Then Bethany had two logs and she and Elisha played "boat races" with them. I don't think they got too far.

Glasses that Bethany found at the bottom of the lake with her snorkel & goggles.

Peek a boo!

Skipping rocks! I learned to skip rocks at Elisha's age and every time we're near the water the two of us usually end up skipping rocks together for a bit.

Awww.... I love these guys!

Funny stories to come I promise, I just didn't want this post to get overly long. Up next is A Fishy Story and then Screamin' on a Paddleboat. 

I know, you can hardly contain your excitement! :)


drawingcloser said...

Wow it feels like I was actually there like somehow I know the funny stories that you're gonna share love. Oh wait I was there and I love love love spending time with you and our kids.

The Bug said...

Another great day - I LOVE Bethany's imagination! I can't wait to hear the stories :)

Southern Gal said...

Wow. That's beautiful country.

Mama M. said...

The "peekaboo" picture?!?? Oh my gosh! Yes!!