Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Lake

Yohn and I honeymooned at Wallowa Lake years ago when we still lived in Oregon, but even though we visit Oregon each year, we had not taken the kids to see it. Since we just celebrated fifteen years we decided it was time to take a family trip to the lake.

A glimpse from the car as we drove to the south end.

The living room of the little condo we rented for a few days.


Kid's room 

Our room (I know almost the exact same as the kid's room)

Oh no! Someone shrank Elisha & Bethany!

We visited the park that evening before going out and getting groceries for our stay. The park wasn't flooded, but I think the river that empties into the lake has re-directed itself some.

He's in a phase where he loves to pose for me. There are times when I see him that I know he's expecting me to take pictures. He seeks me out often and if he catches the camera on him always gives me a smile.

They had so much fun just exploring the park on that first night.

I know it looks like they are right on the water's edge but in reality the water is about 4 feet below that rock wall. I have no idea why Elisha has one shoe on and one shoe off either.

Then they got a little silly.

This picture gives some perspective to the others as he is standing at the end of the lake with his arms on the wall they were sitting on.

On our way out we saw some bucks with the velvet still on their horns. It was fun to see them so close, but don't worry we did use caution as they are still wild animals.

We also saw a large teepee set up. We weren't sure if it was there for display or if someone was camping in it but since it was empty we decided to chance it. I have no idea why I did not take a picture of the outside.

To be continued...


The Bug said...

That looks like a great trip! It's exactly the kind of thing Mike & I like to do. LOVE the giant rocker!

Theresa Mahoney said...

It looks very beautiful and peaceful there. You got some great family shots too. I didn't even notice the one shoe on, one shoe off until you mentioned it lol.

Anonymous said...

What fun to go back to the place where you spent your honeymoon!

As always, I love your pictures :)

PS Thanks for the advice about a Kindle, too...

CM said...

Looks like a fun family trip! Your kiddos are getting big!